Roi & Taylore, Reiki Masters

Roi and Taylore, Reiki Masters

Reiki Ranch.net (The Reiki Ranch Store) brings the mission of the Assembly of CEH to the internet.   Our community is interested in your spiritual growth and holistic well-being. You can heal yourself with natural supplements, products and even energy healing – such as Reiki therapy. The Assembly of CEH (Cosmic Energetic Healing), 1673 S. Market Blvd, #143, Chehalis, WA 98532 — tel. 360-748-4426 Anyone can join our alternative health community and church. We have recently joined the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

You may order by going to http://mms.reikiranch.net or also order via the phone by calling 1-360-748-4426 with your credit card. You may even send a check by the mail. You can purchase alternative products here via PayPal and use your PayPal account or VISA, MASTER CARDS. It is a secure shopping cart. The “buy button” is sometimes called “submit query” You order will be taken to PayPal.com for payment –email taylorevance@gmail.com.  http://ReikiRanch.net is a division of http://ReikiRanch.com. You will find articles on on the church Sacrament: MMS and Reiki here at Reiki Healing | Free Thinking The Reiki Ranch was founded in 1991 by Ministers of Health: Roi  and Taylore, also Reiki Masters and creators of Laser Reiki.

The Reiki Ranch is located near beautiful Chehalis, Washington. For a schedule of training events visit http://reikiranch.com/. Reiki training Classes are offered several times a year for Reiki Level One Practitioner attunement, Reiki II, Reiki III or Master level. Laser Reiki is offered in Levels 1-9 The first workshop is an Awesome 2 days of energy clearing — learning the techniques and practice. You see the immediate results and feel the difference from clearing dark energy and blockages. You will feel lighter!

Learn instant pain release.

  • Remove the energetic /emotional blockages in your body, mind and spirit.
  • Use these simple techniques on yourself, family, friends and clients. You can create more happiness and job by using these tools to help you release sadness, guilt, regret and shame.
  • Attract wealth. Reprogram your poverty consciousness.
  • For more information or a schedule of events, use the contact form below: (or email me at taylorevance (at) gmail.com

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  1. I am interested in the CGAM machine. What is the price of one and information on one.

    Answer: The owner of the Company has requested that we not sell the machine on the Internet. Or place the CGAM Body Charger in a shopping cart. If you have 10 people getting 30 sessions each at only $10 a session — you have the price of the equipment. ($3000) You can call us to buy the Body Charger: tel. 360-748-4426
    The price of the CGAM Body Charger is cheap compared to the great feeling of wellness you will have. It is like sitting in a waterfall in your own home any time you like. It is very well made, safe construction, industrial and pharmaceutical grade parts, years of research and testing results that benefit happiness of the body. Plus technical labor in actual costs of putting it together. The price of the Body Charger is inexpensive compared to a better quality of life. As word get out there is starting to be a rush to get one. Great testimonials are also coming in. There are several hundred units out being tested with excellent results.

    the CGAM Body Charger imparts millions of negative ions into the body’s cellular structure, attaching to positive ions that contributes to disease and illness. As the body’s energy field increases and strengthens, the body can be happy in itself beyond anything you may have ever dreamed of. Clients report hearing, vision, taste, all senses increase in sensitivity and ability, sleep is reported as a major improvement almost across the board and you can visually begin to watch the body’s energy field expand and grow stronger, some are even reporting seeing auras for the first time, with or without color.

    Used alone, the CGAM Body Charger is a phenomenal tool for in home and professional use, but when combined with the “Clean Me Up Program” I’ve put together, watch out for incredible shifts as spiritual healing takes on a whole new dimension for each user.

  2. Liquid Manna Testimonial: “Since my last blog, great things have happened. My hair is growing rapidly since taking the Liquid Manna/Oxygen Water! Yes! Yes!

    September 27th, 28th, 2010, I walked around the ENTIRE BLOCK, for the first time in “3” years! The Liquid Manna has given me such expansion in my lungs that I have “wind in my sails” AGAIN. No, “I am not running yet”! Just walking and walking!

    I am now putting 3 drops in my eyes daily and the “floaters” are floating away! They are clearing away slowly but surely.

    Veins that were knotted in the right leg, have “sailed away”!

    The water has prevented the side affects of the chemo. I don’t expect to be doing another cycle next month… ” From Blog website: http://oxygenwaterhealth.blogspot.com/2010/10/liquid-manna-conference-call-update.html?showComment=1298671541640#c3270222146887344057 by Yumnah Aguba-El

  3. This weekend I placed an order but I was having trouble with your website. I had to call American Express to authorize the purchase since this was a new order with your company. (Part of their fraud security program.) Please let me know that your received my order and it is in process. Thank you. Steve Sanborn, Greeley, CO

    ANSWER: No your credit card did not clear. We’re sending your order out and you can call in with your credit card details. We know you are anxious to receive your order so we’ve processed it any way. Please call us with your card details.
    Tel. 360-748-4426 The Reiki Ranch

  4. Dear Susan,
    Answering you Sunday night from Seattle, WA. The Package was sent via the US Postal Service the same day you paid. It will take a week to get there. Roi has the tracking number. The number you have seems to be missing a zero — in the 0002. area. I’m at Seatac airport tonight and you should try that number again. Otherwise just give Roi a call at the office. Thank your for contacting us.

  5. The CGAM Body Charger is always in stock. We have a free DVD available to mail out if you are still interested.

  6. I was shocked to see the Reiki symbol on your shirts. Did you not give an oath to keepsacred symbols a secret, never reveal them to people not initiated??? 🙁


    ANSWER: Thanks Olga for your questions and comments. The symbols have been published in various books since 2000 as I know of. Maybe even before that.

  7. I would love to have a dvd about the cgam body charger

    ANSWER: We send out the CGAM DVD free to anyone who wants to see the live testimonials. Friends of the CGAM Body Charger have made this wonderful video. Please do not post it on Youtube! Just call or email us with your mailing address.

  8. Dear Taylore & Roi,
    Do you have any experience with the treatment of canine Lyme? WE have an 8 month old female that I began to give Chlorine Dioxide to within 12 hours of the bite. Though dogs supposedly do not show the bull’s-eye bruise/rash of some human Lyme Disease transmissions by tick bite, she did.
    The pup, Delta, is very healthy and after 3 days (1 does per day) all redness and swelling are resolved. I will continue to cover her for some time to maximize her good luck and early treatment and discovery….my wife said the tick was ‘barely swollen’ (short latch on time).

    ANSWER: Good job! It sounds like you have the Lyme Disease for dogs handled! You might also like to read Jim Humble’s new book.

  9. i have a question about silver water ultrazyme. What are the trace minerals and in what qty? I am mainly concerned with potassium as i need to limit my intake. thank you.

    ANSWER: Trace minerals are just that — trace. These enzymes come from a 100% plant based origin. Better if you purchase the potassium separately.

  10. Hi,

    I am interested to buy a cgam body charger to produce negative ions.
    Could you please let me know how much is it and how do I buy one?


    ANSWER: The company had rather not publish the prices on line. Call us for details… We ship every day. It takes 2 to 3 days to receive yours. We have the new 100% silver cloth which is as soft as silk for sleeping with the unit. It works a lot better than the metal screen.
    PS: Request the free DVD from “Friends of the Body Charger” and a brochure to be mailed to you!

  11. Hello! Do you carry the new MMS that Mr. Humble talked about in his most recent newsletter, where citric acid isn’t needed?

    ANSWER: That chlorine dioxide gas has a very short life span. Why not make it yourself?

  12. Hi, I am in Costa Rica and see that you coordinated the MMS seminars in Costa Rica. I am in Costa Rica and am in desperate need of getting hold of an MMS practitioner and supplies here. I live on the East side of San Jose and have a life threatening illness that needs attention right away and my small supply of mms1 is helping but is almost gone and have not been able to locate empty capsules for mms2

    If you want to call me, my US phone number is 408-861-8909. My local Costa Rica phone is 8886-7483.

    My native language is English but my spanish is about 70%

    I am really in desperate need of some help.



    Genesis II Church membership:
    Donate to the Genesis II Church:
    Upcoming MMS seminars:

    • Jan 19th – Jan 24th 2012 in Costa Rica
    • Feb 12th – Feb 22nd 2012 in Dominican R.
    • Mar 25th – Apr 4th 2012 in Dominican R.

    Genesis II Church of Health & Healing:

    Genesis II Forum & MMS / CDS support:

    Jim Humble loves social media:
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    First Latin American MMS Seminar in Spanish!
    March 1st-4th

    We have received many requests for an MMS Seminar in Spanish and have tentatively scheduled March 1-4 for the first Latin American Seminar.

    In order to determine if there is enough interest to justify renting a ranch in Columbia we NEED your response NOW. If you wish to attend please confirm your interest immediately.

    Speakers will include:
    • Bishop Jim Humble ( Discoverer of the MMS & Founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing,Developer of MMS Protocols).
    • Bishop Mark Grenon (Co-Founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, Protocol co-developer of MMS & MMS/CDS Protocols).
    • Bishop Andreas Kalcker (Developer of MMS/CDS and health benefactor from MMS).
    • Bishop Kerri Rivera (Developer of MMS Protocols for Austism, 21 Cases with “No Diagnosis” and 1,000’s following her Protocol who are well on their way to full recovery).
    • Bishop Alluvia Love ( MMS Seminar trainer,Co-developer of MMS protocols and benefactor from MMS).
    • Mauricio Ayala, D.MMS.
    There will also be testimonies from Jorge working in our Malaria Project in the Colombian Amazon, and Jose and Alvaro working among the Indigenous people of northern Colombia.

    Program will include:
    • Genesis II Health Minister certificate and I.D. in spanish.
    • Jim Humble’s new book,”Master Mineral solution for the 3rd Millennium”, in spanish.
    • MMS home video course in spanish.
    • Making of the new MMS/CDS with the new protocols.
    • Up to date protocols, new methods and techniques in using MMS.
    • MMS testimonies from around the world.
    • Hands on practical knowledge of MMS.
    • A working knowledge of MMS & MMS/CDS
    Q & A time at night with Jim Humble

    Costs of the Course:
    $650 usd

    Costs include:
    • Round trip bus from Bus station in Bogota to ranch.
    • Food and lodging March 1st – 5th ,( Buses leave Monday morning the 5th).
    • New MMS book signed by Jim Humble and home video course in spanish.
    • One year membership in Genesis II Church of Health and Healing with I.D. card in spanish.
    • Health Minister Certificate and I.D. Card in spanish.

    Please contact us with a preliminary sign-up at gmark777@gmail.com so we can plan and secure the ranch. Help us spread MMS to the Latin American people.
    Invite friends !!

    Good Health,
    Bishop Mark Grenon


    Primer Seminario Latinoamericano de MMS en español!
    Del 1 al 4 de Marzo de 2012

    Hemos recibido muchas solicitudes para realizar el primer seminario de MMS en ESPAÑOL. Este mensaje es para identificar si hay la respuesta suficiente, para el desarrollo de este seminario hispanoparlante.

    Tentativamente se han establecido estas fechas y necesitamos conocer su interés REAL para confirmarlas y lograr separar la finca en Colombia con suficiente antelación.

    Entre los oradores figuran:
    • Obispo Jim Humble (Descubridor del MMS y fundador de la Iglesia Génesis II de Salud y Curación,Desarrollador de protocolos del MMS),
    • Obispo Mark Grenon (Co-Fundador de la Iglesia Génesis II de Salud y Sanidad, Co-desarrollador de protocolos del MMS y MMS / SDC)
    • Obispo Andreas Kalcker (Desarrollador de MMS / SDC y benefactor de la salud del MMS).
    • Obispo Kerri Rivera (Desarrolladora de los protocolos del para MMS en la cura del autismo con 21 casos de recuperación total y 1.000 casos más, de quienes han seguido sus protocolos y que están en camino de la recuperación total.)
    • Obispo Alluvia Love (Entrenadora de MMS, co-creadora de los protocolos MMS y benefactora del MMS)
    • Reverendo Mauricio Ayala, D.MMS
    Testimonios de Jorge acerca del trabajo desarrollado en nuestro proyecto de malaria en el Amazonas Colombiano. Testimonios de José y Álvaro del trabajo entre los indígenas del norte de Colombia.

    El Seminario incluye:
    • Certificado e identificación en español de la iglesia • Génesis II como ministro de Salud
    • El nuevo libro en ESPAÑOL de Jim Humble:. “Solución Mineral Maestra para el 3er Milenio”.

    • Elaboración del nuevo MMS MMS / SDC y los nuevos protocolos.
    • Actualización de protocolos, nuevos métodos y técnicas en el uso del MMS
    • Cientos de testimonios de todo el mundo.
    • Acceso directo al conocimiento práctico del MMS.
    • Trabajo practico acerca del MMS & MMS/SDC.
    • Tertulias en la noche con Jim Humble

    Costo del SEMINARIO teórico/práctico:
    $650 usd

    El costo incluye:
    • Bus de ida y vuelta desde la estación de autobuses en Bogotá la finca.
    • Alojamiento y alimentación marzo 1-5 Abril 2012. (Los autobuses de retorno salen en la mañana del lunes 5 de Abril 2012).
    • El Nuevo libro firmado por Jim Humble y el curso/video en español.
    • Un año de membresía en la iglesia Génesis II. • Iglesia de la Salud y Sanación, con tarjeta de identificación personal.
    • Certificado de asistencia al curso y tarjeta de identificación personal como ministro de la Salud.

    Por favor escribanos manifestando su interés real de participar a gmark777@gmail.com de tal forma que podamos separar a tiempo las instalaciones del seminario. Apóyenos en difundir el MMS entre la gente de Latinoamérica.
    Invite a sus amigos a venir!
    Buena Salud,
    Obispo Mark Grenon

    Upcoming Seminars
    Dominican Republic
    Feb 12th – Feb 22nd 2012
    Mar 25th – Apr 4th 2012

    Costa Rica
    Jan 19th – Jan 24th 2012
    For more information about our Dom. R. seminar,
    please contact us at mmsforhispaniola@gmail.com
    For more information about our Costa Rica seminar,
    please contact us at lukasjlouw@gmail.com
    If you can’t come to a seminar,
    try the MMS Home Video Course.
    Please contact us at genesis2mission@gmail.com

    For information about Church membership,
    please contact us at: gen2church@gmail.com

  13. I purchased an book on MMS and it was sent to my Miami address. It does not have a receipt in it. I live in Costa Rica and the Miami address is a courier service to Costa Rica. They need the purchase receipt in order to pay the duty and get the book out of customs.
    Can you email me a copy of the receipt, thank you,
    amba stapleton

    ANSWER: the paper work is inside the book & they don’t say anything about price. Amazon sells the book — we sell the book all for around $20.00 – $22.00.

    Product Details Status Quantity Ordered Quantity Shipped Price Total
    The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium (The Updated “The Miracle…
    Quantity: 1
    Merchant SKU: 6T-8GD3-1Z98
    ASIN: B005LC3KW2
    Listing ID: 0120M0P39RV
    Order-Item ID: 05515455809858
    Condition: New
    Comments: New. Copyright Sept 2011. This is the latest Jim Humble MMS book explaining how to take 3 drops an hour of MMS. We ship the next business day. Please give us a good rating.
    Shipped 1 1 $20.86
    Subtotal: $20.86
    Shipping: $3.99
    Total: $24.85
    Total Charged to Customer: $24.85

  14. HI Roi
    MY name is MArgo and A friend of mine ordered some MMS and books off you . He also had a CD on YOur wish is your command that you had , and you offered him a copy is that still possible as I was very interested in listening to them .I was unable to find how else to contact you on your website

    Cheers MArgo

    ANSWER: Just call me at 360-748-4426 and we’ll be glad to send you one. Roi

  15. I have been trying to find info on your silver water
    And where I can get the gel and water. I want to
    Sell it I live in Florida. I had a contact a few years
    Ago. But computer crashed and lost my email
    Contact. All I can remember it was rama. Something.
    But I would like to be a distributor.
    Thanks chris

    ANSWER: The Silver Water Gel is currently on back order right now. We can sell in in case lots when it is back in stock.

  16. Just ordered a copy of the latest Jim Humble book through Amazon. Hoping you actually have one in stock, as it’s a gift to a friend whose sister is in great need of this information – and my friend is moving to be with her at the end of the month. Fortunately, I’m not too far away (Yelm) –

    ANSWER: YES WE STOCK JIM HUMBLE’S LATEST BOOK, The Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium, It was revised again in end of June 2012 with even more useful protocols for taking MMS.This new book of Jim’s is the continuing story of how MMS is changing the World. The Master Mineral solution of the 3rd Millennium picks up where Jimâs first book ended, until the present.

    Recently, Jim has returned from Africa where he successfully treated more than 800 HIV/AIDS cases. Last year he conducted 9 lectures in Europe, a 5-day seminar in Germany and six 10-day seminars in the Dominican Republic, all teaching the MMS protocols for healing most of mankind’s diseases. The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing now uses the MMS solution as its Cleansing Water in the Church Sacraments. This new MMS book can save your life or that of a loved one and will most likely do so sometime within the next 5 years.

    This book has 268 pages and 30 chapters. Jim has updated all the MMS topics that were in the first book. He also has the book in Spanish.

  17. Hello,
    do you ship also to Germany? What is the date of expiry from SILVER WATER? It is also against Virus?
    Best regards
    Margot Potisk

    ANSWER: There is no expriy date on the Silver Water! Do not set the bottle directly on the ground.
    It is shipped as de-ionized water. I might cost a lot to send it to Germany because of the weight. It kills virus and bacteria by its nature and negative ions.

  18. I was unable to place an order online. There is a problem with code recognition. The audio version is garbled. Nobody answered the phone either. Thanks anyway.

    ANSWER: WE might have been away when you called. We are only two people – mom and pop type operation. You may call back. We take all the products we sell. We sell nothing that we have not found to be super beneficial. If you want to do business with us… we appreciate you. Thanks for you comments!

  19. Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing a few things. Do do you have a PO Box or address that I could submit my orders and payment to ?
    Thank you,
    Dr Fields

    ANSWER: Yes, People send us checks to purchase products at: The Assembly of CEH, 1673 S. Market Blvd. #143, Chehalis, WA 98532

  20. We found several alternative treatments for Lyme disease. We tried massive doses of “Thieves oil” – the essential oils and it was hard on the body, but it killed of 1/2 of our spirochetes. They came back within 4 months. So that did not work very well.

    We did not try the Rife machine because our friend had 2 of them and did not think they would help. Some people thinks it has helped a little.
    Next we were told about an 80 year old solution, a water purifier called chlorine dioxide. People take it on hiking trips so they can drink stream water. We took the beefed up solution and it did the job pretty quick (in a few months) , but we stayed on a maintenance dose of 6 drops of MMS for another year after treatment was complete… just in case some of the spirochetes were hiding in the bones. Some have blogged about this experience here: http://reikiranch.net/spotlight/do-you-have-aches-and-pain-could-it-be-lyme-disease. It is very cheap, too! If you are a do-it-yourself person and you don’t like taking antibiotics, this might be worth looking into?

  21. Answer: Please read this Lyme ebook — kindle Lyme book — almost free.
    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N980J0Q Roi’s Lyme disease project was accepted by Amazon. Please share it with others and leave a review! Help is near by!!! You can open any Kindle book on your computer to read, download and/or print. There is a 2 second download Amazon will give you free to read this book!

  22. Dear Roi and Taylore, Thank you so much for your invaluable help with the information in your website to help us all over the world. I wanted to please ask you for advice for my 10-year old male cat who has chronic calicivirus and has as a consequence developed severe gingivitis/stomatitis, and also has swollen salivary glands and tracheitis.

    I used MMS in the past with my cats, and it was fine, but he had tremors and vomiting the other day when I gave it to him, and I am afraid of giving it again because of the tremors he had for some time after, he felt very unwell throughout that night.

    Would it be good for him to have Royal or Liquid Manna? Would it help to have an unopened bottle of Royal Manna for him to be in contact with whenever he so wishes? I would be so grateful for any advice you can kindly give to help Fairy. Thank you so much, Helena

    ANSWER: Liquid manna is good for all of us including children and pets. I even hang bottles of the Royal Liquid Manna in my cistern where all the water is treated for the garden and for the house! That is making a big difference in all things. We are drinking 100% water with added the frequency of oxygen; the garden growth is larger than ever this year!

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