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I need your help with my new book, Media is the Disease.

The media is bombarding us with shocking news of diseases and plagues that threaten our health and wellbeing. Everything from Ebola and flesh-eating virus to Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia are breaking news. As far as the media is concerned there is no known cure for these assaults upon our health. Fear is creeping into our consciousness.

Do It Yourself (DIY)  —    this story!

All these maladies can be prevented or eliminated by a few inexpensive natural supplements (or possibly by not subscribing to the media stories at all). Getting your education outside of the box is in order. Why listen or watch only corporation owned news media? Did you know that 95% of the news media was bought up in the 1950’s so that the elite owners of certain corporations could shape the “news” to support their platform of services and products they sell? These companies now get no unfavorable news reports. Is some new vaccination coming out on the market place?

Take Ebola Virus scary breaking news headlines, for example:

  • “US – Sacramento Man hospitalized, being treated as potential Ebola victim while CDC conduct tests”
  • “In southern Guinea Ebola has killed more than 1,230 people since discovered January 2014.”
  • “CDC has no known cure for Ebola.”
  • Is Ebola Virus a flesh eating bacteria?” a news article on the Reiki Ranch Store for Alternative health Website.

I Need Your Help

The real news is that we need your help in spreading the word about the government using fear tactics and exposing us to man made bacteria or viruses that may be easily rendered harmless. There are inexpensive natural products that work with natural laws in quickly killing bacteria, virus and fungus – some of the main causes of disease. What if you leaned about this simple alternative immune system boosting product?

We’ve studied natural health alternatives for years and have seen lives changed and miraculous healings all for a few cents per day and an open mind.

What Are Some of the Options if You Have Ebola?

  1. Check into a hospital and be quarantined
  2. Go to an MD who only listens to the CDC and they see no cure as of yet
  3. Schedule a visit to a specialized natural clinic where you might spend a few weeks detoxing and rebuilding your immune system
  4. Spend a few dollars using the same natural treatment at home as the natural health clinics and save the travel expense.

Please Share Your Story

Please help us spread the word and tell us about your health challenge or share your testimony of overcoming insurmountable odds as we help each other lift the veil of insecurity and help others reclaim their lives, health and wellbeing.

We need your questions, concerns, comments and triumphant victories to help enlighten the misinformed public, you and your story could be featured in my new book.

With much love, light and healing,

Taylore Vance
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Books | Anastasia’s Books |Siberia Anastasia

*      Who is Anastasia?

Anastasia’s Books website report  that a Young woman was found in forest…

Anastasia Books teach freedom

Anastasia Books teach freedom

Ten million books were sold by word of mouth in Russia… Since her discovery was first announced in 1996, word of the remarkable Anastasia has created a wave of excitement that swept through Russia and Europe and is now spreading to the West.

Anastasia  was Born in 1969 in the remote Siberia wilderness to parents who both died in a forest accident with the ringing cedar trees, shortly after her birth, Anastasia has fended for herself, watched over only by her grandfather, great grandfather and a variety of “wild” animals.

The Ringing Ceder Series Video – Anastasia

Beyond Belief for many — born in this pristine, isolated environment — Anastasia managed to develop an astounding level of skill and knowledge that far surpasses our highly civilized “best educated” standards.

And she has the world talking!
Read her story and make a Discovery that creates wild excitement… The Ringing Ceders series of 9 books tell Anastasia amazing stories of an empowered race of super beings that were our human ancestors. Remember you roots as the sons and daughter of the gods

Book 1 Anastasia

Book 1 Anastasia

The Author of the Ringing Ceder books: Megré, a Siberian riverboat trader, describes his discovery of Anastasia in 1995 while he was plying the waters of the remote Ob River on a strange quest to find the mysterious “Ringing Cedars” — ancient trees that over the course of 500 years had reportedly accumulated so much energy through their pine-needle, antenna-like leaves, they had begun to audibly “ring” or vibrate.

On the trading ship and At a riverside stop, Megré was greeted by a young, modestly attired peasant woman who seemed to know not only his name but also the nature of his quest.

Book 2 Anastasia

Book 2 Anastasia

Their chance meeting unfolds — Revealing that she knew the exact location the “ringing cedar trees” he was searching for, she offered to act as his guide. Megré accepted, but as they began the trek deep into the forest, Anastasia began to shed her clothes…
His world turned upside down… He was impelled to write her story!

Amazing journey Over the course of three days Megré was led into another world — a world of mind-blowing revelations, sacred sex, altered states of consciousness and displays by Anastasia of such astounding power, knowledge and wisdom — Megré felt compelled to abandon his river trading business in order to document and share these revelations with the world.

Book 3 Anastasia

Book 3 Anastasia

Welcome to the Ringing Ceders series of books!

The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megré
Translated by John Woodsworth Edited by Leonid Sharashkin
• Book 1 Anastasia (ISBN 978-0-9801812-0-3)
• Book 2 The Ringing Cedars of Russia (ISBN 978-0-9801812-1-0)
• Book 3 The Space of Love (ISBN 978-0-9801812-2-7)
• Book 4 Co-creation (ISBN 978-0-9801812-3-4)
• Book 5 Who Are We? (ISBN 978-0-9801812-4-1)
• Book 6 The Book of Kin (ISBN 978-0-9801812-5-8)
• Book 7 The Energy of Life (ISBN 978-0-9801812-6-5)
• Book 8, Part 1 The New Civilisation (ISBN 978-0-9801812-7-2)
• Book 8, Part 2 Rites of Love (ISBN 978-0-9801812-8-9)
Published by Ringing Cedars Press

Book 4 Anastasia

Book 4 Anastasia

Book 5 Anastasia

Book 5 Anastasia

A reader writes…

“What makes these books so special is that they were written with the help of the surviving members of the Vedic culture living in the Siberian taiga…

“The books contain the knowledge that has been kept the strictest of secrets far the last 10,000 years by those who wanted to control the world, to the point that a special language was developed to pass these secrets to the next generations, but nothing was ever written down…

“Most importantly, it is explained how every person can reach their full potential…

“I can say with confidence that nothing like these books exists in the world today.”
— Rafal F., Australia

Book 6 Anastasia

Book 6 Anastasia

“I would like to recommend them because I think that going through life without this knowledge is a waste of time, and not passing it on to children is a crime…

Book 7 Anastasia

Book 7 Anastasia

Here in Russia children are the teachers, write their own textbooks and earn Masters degrees at 17…
*      Do toys retard a child’s development?

Discover how brilliant, happy children learn naturally… without toys!

*      Are our bee-keepers killing the bees?

Learn why only some people get stung by bees. Use these plans for a natural hive…
*        Smart eating? It’s NOT a formula!

YOUR body knows what it needs on any particular day of the year…

*      Anastasia’s ray heals at a distance… (Much like Reiki)

Anyone can do it! Developing your natural psychic powers. Anastasia tells us how…

Why are her words resonating so strongly… because they are charged with Source energy.

Book 8.1 Anastasia

Book 8.1 Anastasia

Book 8.2 Anastasia

Book 8.2 Anastasia

Magnesium Book

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

by Mark Sircus (Author), Adam E Abraham (Editor)

Buy this book at the Reiki Ranch shopping cart — Click below! Books

Trasndermal Magnesium 300 page book

Trasndermal Magnesium 300 page book

A comment: “The concept of Transdermal Magnesium delivery is new to most people. This means soaking in a magnesium “oil” or spraying it on the body for more complete absorption. The subject peaked my curiosity because I suffer from Chronic Lyme disease and recently read that one of the major nutrients being drained from all Lymes sufferers IS magnesium..

“All I can say is that this book is a whole new concept….and most people would never on their own figure out that their health problems could possibly be linked to low magnesium levels…but take away just this one concept from this book. If you are truly ultra deficient in magnesium, the irony is that you can no longer effectively absorb magnesium from oral supplementation.

“This leaves people like me walking around deficient, with muscular and neuro issues and no amount of
magnesium that I ingest is helpful anymore.  The Transdermal concept is this: It’s magnesium oil…Not really oil but a liquid that has been extracted from sea water where the magnesium has been concentrated. Spray magnesium “oil” on the skin and miraculously, it’s absorbed. Magnesium levels go up in the body…The book cites a doctor who had diabetes and could not absorb magnesium until he took massive doses for a whole year…The transdermal approach is far quicker…can be accomplished with even a foot bath…or the magnesium oil can be put in a bathtub and you literally soak the magnesium into your body.

“I’m not saying this is a Lyme disease cure….but it doesn’t take much to read a small list of magnesium
deficient conditions to find the average person seriously low. We’ve been told to take lots of calcium.

“Read this book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and understand why the concept isn’t completely understood…Magnesium relaxes the muscles and calcium tightens the muscle. Ever hear of muscle “spasm’? How about low magnesium being responsible….Not sleeping well? Magnesium is required to get calcium into the body properly. Finding calcium added to everything we eat…orange juice, cereals and suddenly, it’s easy for everyone to be overly calcified and very low in magnesium..

Transdermal Magnesium comes from the ocean

Transdermal Magnesium comes from the ocean

“This book — Transdermal Magnesium Therapy — was a major eye opener for me….I really believe it should be required reading for doctors and people suffering from everything like PMS, high blood pressure, aches, pains, headaches…to the really difficult to treat issues like mine.. chronic Lymes which has become neurological and painful in my muscles and nerves. I have only used the magnesium oil for a few days….but what I learned in this book really was profoundly important. I have seen slight relief but I think this is going to take a few months before I can say for sure that I’ve made progress.

“I recommend this Transdermal Magnesium Therapy VERY highly! And if there were more stars to attribute to this book, I’d gladly go higher than 5 that Amazon has!”


“Wow! This is the book to read if you are interested in transdermal magnesium therapy. I had read most other books on magnesium. I took oral magnesium supplements and felt good. Then, someone gave me a copy of this book. Based on Dr. Sircus’s discussion, I tried ocean minerals magnesium oil derived from seawater, and ancient minerals magnesium oil derived from seabed desposits. They worked equally well. I then discovered that to lessen itchiness or stingyness, you can use the oil in a bath or footbath. Or you can put the oil into your favorite lotion or make your own lotion with equal parts magnesium oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel. I wish I had known about magnesium oil a long time ago, but I am extremely grateful that Dr. Sircus wrote his book. I recommend this book to anyone–because magnesium oil can help everyone. Thank you, Dr. Sircus!”

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