1 Water Purifier Set (solution+ activator)

1-Water-Purifier-Set-solution-plus-activatorProduct Information

1 WP 4.5 fl. oz. and 1 citric acid liquid 4.5 fl. oz. This water purification kit is the new protocol for activating the 28% sodium chlorite with 50/50 percent citric acid solution (premixed) to make chlorine dioxide in only 20 – 30 seconds. For hiking and camping where you need to purify the drinking water. It is approved Geneses 2 Church for treating all water supplies.

Chlorine dioxide has been used for 80 years by travelers, camper and hikers as water purification for drinking water….
  • 1 Water Purifier Set (solution+ activator)


  • Product Code:WATZ2

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