Silver Water 2 Gallons – Colloidal Silver water

Silver-water-2-gallonProduct Information

 Best there is available!  Each ounce over 9 billion charged anti-microbial particles. 3ppm silver by the Silver Water Company – originally designed by Wayne Rowland. Also called Wain Water.

Nano tiny particles where you will not turn blue,  Colloidal Silver Water 2 gal container, $125.00 . You may Call us to order if you like – shipping in the USA is about $30-$35 per bottle.  Tel. 360-748-4426.

Note: This product is only shipped to addresses within the Continental  USA. If you live outside the USA please order the 2 quart bottles of Silver water because it ships in USPS priority mail Flat rate boxes (much cheaper) and shipping would be calculated when you order. Thank you!

 Video on Ebola and the Colloidal Silver Water… The Most Effective Colloidal Silver – Garry Gordon MD

Silver Water 1 qt. – Colloidal Silver Water

Product Information

silver-water-1-quartCGAM Colloidal Silver Water (9 Billion electrically charged, anti-microbial particles to oz.) Our Silver Water is Superior to regular “colloidal” silver . Pricing is for the USA is still very reasonable at $25

US Shipping is $14.90

This is the original Wain Water – the small molecule (nano silver solution) Silver Water designed by Wayne Roland. Each ounce over 9 billion charged anti-microbial particles. 3ppm silver. Basically it disables the respiration process of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and etc. (They suffocate, die, and are passed out of the body, via the elimination processes.) It is refreshing to the body and excellent on sun burns!

This bottle of nano silver solution has to be shipped in the middle size USPS priority mail box because of its size and weight. You should look at the 3 quart special to get the best price and save on shipping – shipped in the same box as this one quart. Also Save even more money by buying Colloidal silver water in a handy 6 quart package.

The same colloidal silver water with its amazing healthy and refreshing attributes. You drink it the same a a good purified distilled water, spray it on the skin for a soothing topical application, mix it with DMSO for pain release, etc.

Canada  and International orders must telephone for shipping prices. Call 360-748-4426 or email us at taylorevance (at)

The news broadcast is telling us the Colloidal Silver Water is good for killing Ebola. See YouTube Video below!

Colloidal Silver Test: Kills Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi

Clean Me Up Program by CGAM

CGAM – Silver Water Products – The Clean Me Up Program
Sufficient Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals are no longer available in our food supply; they have been removed by hybridization of our plants and both chemical and mineral depletion of our soils. What can our bodies do but get sick without enough nutrients available?

See below where you can find the proof that diseases are caused by parasites in VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY  by William J. Foreyt

Clean Me Up Program Products by CGAM

Clean Me Up Program Products by CGAM

To remove parasites from the body we need to cleanse the blood and the bowel with: Silverwater, Enzymes, Colloidal Minerals, Greens, Dulse, enzymes, also look at : Serrapeptase, and Vermox (dewormer).

Instructions for Clean me up Program

The following ”CLEAN ME UP PROGRAM”  has proven to be the best protocol for cleansing and removing  parasites from the blood and bowel:
1)    Take 6 drops of Lugol`s Iodine in 3 oz of regular water – first thing in the morning. You have to be able to eat shellfish (ie not be iodine allergic!)

2)    After 15 – 20 min put 6-8 oz of Silver Water into a blender.
3)    Add 2 heaping tablespoonfuls of Silver Water Stabilized Greens (Phyto Food) to it.
4)    Take 8-10 capsules of Ultrazyme Plus (enzymes)– open them up and sprinkle them unto the smoothie.
5)    Add ¼ level teaspoon of Serrapeptase to the mix.
6)    Blend it all up and drink – At your own convenience (just for taste and texture) add any fruit or vegetable juice to it – If you add orange juice you might want to switch out the Silver Water and drink it by itself.
7)    Add 1 Tablespoon of Coconut milk powder to make it a delicious smoothie.
8)    Dulse is salty in taste (1 teaspoon per day) – you can add it to the smoothie – or eat it sprinkled over a salad or soup – experiment with it.
The Ultrazyme Plus, which de-worms the blood and tissue, is a combination of Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals. Silver Water has been known to kill bacteria, viruses as well as ameba found in the feces of the parasites which live in the blood and bowel. Silver Water Greens (Phyto Food) and Dulse (seaweed) are incredible rebuilders of the blood and tissue, and help sharpen the thought processes. Serrapeptase has been known to clean the blood and reduce inflammation.  Your “CLEAN ME UP” Program is on the move.
CGMA – Silver Water Products – The Clean Me Up Program
Sufficient Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals are no longer available in our food supply; they have been removed by hybridization of our plants and both chemical and mineral depletion of our soils.

9)    To Deworm with Vermox: After 30 days of the above mentioned protocol- people have reported great results by taking Vermox (active ingredient Mebendazol).

You will need to purchase 4 kits, which contain 6 of 100 mg tablets per packet totaling 24 tablets)  they have a package of 30 tablets for about $15.00 – or go on the web and look for vermox – generic – 24 tablets – remember you are the END user.
Take 1 tablet in the morning and evening for 3 days, then wait 10 days. Repeat this procedure for a second round and then wait again for 10 days. The final 12 Vermox tablets are taken as follows:  2 tablets morning and evening for 3 days (your third round) – after this you should be good for 6-12 months.

*you can find the proof that diseases are caused by parasites in
** order the book by calling 1-800-862-6657 or by visiting the website @           ISBN # 9780813824192
***There are so many diseases disabling adults and children alike, caused by parasites that it is not practical to list them all, but I would like to say that our future seems to be severely threatened realizing that:

I salute you in your journey to the FABULOUS ENERGY
that this GOOD HEALTH protocol brings!

1.    ULTRAZYME PLUS: 1 BOTTLE                               $63.00

2.    SILVER WATER:   1 – 256 fl. Oz [2-gal jugs ]             $110.00        (Shipping estimated $30 in the USA)

4.   DULSE  SEAWEED: 1 – 1 LB CONTAINER                   – $55.00

TOTAL COST OF 30 day “CLEAN ME UP” KIT———–  May depend on shipping it to your address,
5.    Add: LUGOL’S IODINE: 1 – 1 oz bottle of Lugol`s Iodine 2% solution                            =        $  20.00
The role of iodine in human nutrition and disease prevention is well established.
6.    Add: SERRAPEPTASE:  1 –  7 oz jar of proprietary blend of Silverwater Greens  and Serrapeptase     =        $  55.00 each bottle

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2 Qts of Silver Water

The Clean Me Up program is better used with the CGAM Body Charger

You sit in a chair with your feet on the metal screen. Or you can use the optional silver cloth to pass the negative ions into your body. Call for pricing on the machines for charging the body with negative ions.


Silver Water 3 Quarts – Colloidal Silver water

Silver Water 3 QuartsColloidal Silver Water Product Information

Nana particles colloidal Silver Water – Special Price: 3 Qts shipped for the price of one.

This product is also known as Wayne Water, silver water,  Wain water, CGAM SILVER WATER, Colloidal Silver Water, Silver Water 3 Quarts,Colloidal Silver Drinking Water.

Ingredients: Purified, deionized micro filtered water and three parts per million of Silver mineral (99.999% pure). One ounce contains over nine billion electronically charged particles of pure silver mineral. (Each ounce over 9 billion charged anti-microbial particles. 3ppm silver)

  • refreshing, Pure, Safe, All Natural Colloidal Silver Supplement
  • anti-bacterial silver solution
  • Boost Immune Strength Naturally, encourages stem cells to regrow tissue
  • Colloidal Silver Water
  • CGAM Silver Water Case
  • Silver Water X3 Qts.

    $60.00 plus shipping in US is $75.00

    Call for Canada and international sales 360-748-442six

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Silver Water Gel

Silver Water GelProduct Information-

100% Natural – Silver water Gel Skin Protector

The CGAM/Wain water Silver Water was manufactured as a skin protector for burn patients but it would stick to the skin on burn wounds long enough so Silver Water Gel was developed as a 100% natural application of the colloidal silver.

This 100% natural product has not been tested on animals. Silver water gel is a combination of plant gelatin and Silver Water.

Not only used to heal burned skin, but It works very well for lubricating skin, softening skin, and diminishing skin wrinkles, which suggests it is helping to revive damaged collagen.

It also works very well for some types of skin sores, scabies, skin ulcer, diabetic skin infection, rashes, insect bites, animal bite or animal scratches, scrapes, burns, knife cuts, face skin cream, baby’s diaper rash; use as a makeup base, underarms, aftershave gel, natural and a safe lubricant, great for yeast problem.

External Use Only.

  • refreshing, Pure, Safe, All Natural Colloidal Silver Gel
  • anti-bacterial silver solution
  • Boost Immune Strength Naturally on skin
  • made with Colloidal Silver Water
  • CGAM Silver Water Gel

Silver Water Gel

Suggested uses are for scalds, chaffing, scrapes, bites, etc. 8oz bottle. Gel so it stays where you put it.

  • Silver Water Gel


  • Product Code:SILF4

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Silver Water 5 Gallon Jug – Colloidal Silver water

Product Information


5 gal Colloidal Silver Water

5 Gallon bottle of nano particle Colloidal Silver Water (9 Billion electrically charged, anti-microbial particles to oz.) Superior to regular “colloidal” silver bottles. This is a certified food grade 5 gallon bottle of Silver water. This is the original small molecule Silver Water designed by Wayne Roland. Each ounce over 9 billion charged anti-microbial particles. 3ppm silver.

The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

The history of Colloidal silver water — A 1914 study by Simpson & Hewlett showed that it could kill typhoid at only 5 ppm, and a 1918 study by Culver showed it to be effective against gonorrhea.has been used for over a century for its ability to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. In the 1960s it was commonly used for burn victims, especially against a form of pseudomonas bacteria. With the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s, use of colloidal silver and research into its benefits dropped off. Recent reports show that it is effective against the Ebola bacteria.

Colloidal silver water can prohibit the harmful effects of bacteria and toxins that attack the body. It also helps to prevent disease, while promoting health and overall well-being. The benefits of this alternative medicine are numerous, with a number of antibacterial properties that enhance immune health. Although there are varying opinions as to long-term benefits, the majority of holistic healers and patients agree colloidal silver water works wonders.
  • Silver Water 5 gallon Jug

    $325 shipped Fedex anywhere in the continental US.

    For Canada and international orders call for shipping prices.  Tel 360-748-442six

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 Watch Ebola video:

Silver Water Brand Stabilized Greens

Why eat organic raw natural foods? Our bodies were never meant to eat dead food, processed, over cooked food  and a diet of chemicals and survive.

Stabilized Greens from Silver Water Products

Stabilized Greens from Silver Water Products

Silver Water Stabilized Greens: Putting together the most powerful health information available to our community, researcher Wayne Rowland has spent the majority of his time discovering and inventing ways to heal.

The Stabilized greens contain a complete food for re-building the blood and enhancing the body’s immune system. It is very affordable and the company uses the best and freshest ingredients available.

Barley Grass is rich in vitamins.
Wheat Grass is rich in enzymes.
Green Tea is rich in catechins.
Brown Rice Bran is rich in fiber.
Apple Fiber is rich in fiber.
Kelp is rich in iodine.
Alfalfa is rich in minerals.

Also listed as an ingredient of the Silver Water Stabilized Greens are: Barley malt powder, Broccoli powder, Oat brand, Chlorella powder, Red Beet powder, Ginseng Root powder, peppermint powder, Royal jelly, Trace Mineral concentrate, Milk Thistle extract, Ginko Biloba extract, Grape seed extract, etc.

Wayne’s Silver Water: Some of these include a powerful frequency enhanced Silver Water manufactured with lightning! His health advancements are built upon his Native American training and the research of revolutionary pioneers such as Nicola Tesla, Royal Rife, and Wilhelm (Rike)  Reich among others.

Master story teller: Wayne has been described as a ‘living natural health encyclopedia’. Attendees of his lectures find him a dynamic, vibrant speaker. His lifetime wealth of stories and experiences in the field of natural healing will keep you spellbound! Many have said that attending his workshop was the biggest life changing event they had ever experienced. Wayne believes in simplicity; the closer to nature, the better! He is healing himself and using the same techniques Wayne Rolands Silver Water products are strengthening the immune system of many.

Why do we need the correct nutrition? Human body is made up of 70 trillion cells. The cells’ function normally proceed with effective metabolism, and progress with the production and circulation of blood for maintaining optimal immune system of our body. In other words, health capability of the immune system shows how strong our body can protect itself from being attacked by various bacteria.

Researcher have proven that the cause of modern diseases is stress and also is  related to our poor dietary habits. In other words, the body and the cells have not been provided with sufficient essential nutrients. Therefore, the key to achieve good health would be a balanced nutrition. Balanced nutrition is organic raw fresh fruits and vegetables foods. It is hard to eat enough fresh green food. You would have to eat bushels of salads to get enough. This Stabilized Greens supplement will help you get enough nutrition food without having to chew so many vegetables.

How can we eat 6 pounds of green leafy food a day? A nutrition professor once told me that it was common for our ancient ancestors to eat up to six pounds of leaves per day. He imagined them walking along from one place to another, just picking and eating leaves as they went. Can you imagine eating a grocery bag full of greens each and every day? Few of us even eat the minimum USDA recommendations of 3 cups of dark green vegetables per week. And yet, these veggies deliver a bonanza of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.Why eat green food? Dark green leafy vegetables are, calorie for calorie, perhaps the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food. They are a rich source of minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins. They also provide a variety of phytonutrients including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which protect our cells from damage and our eyes from age-related problems, among many other effects. Dark green leaves even contain small amounts of Omega-3 fats.
Wayne Rowland Super Greens
Green foods are especially encouraged because they are naturally low in fat and they provide a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, few people can actually claim to incorporate all of these rich superfoods in their diets on a regular basis. That is why
Silver Water Stabilized Greens provides over 70 of these powerful superfoods.

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Silver Water Ultrazyme Plus – Enzyme Capsules

where you can get, what you need, when you need it.

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silver_water_ultrazymeSilver Water Ultrazyme Plus Capsules 300 in a bottle for $50. Click on the above banner to go to the shopping cart.

ENZYMES are the catalyst that makes it all work.We offer our all-natural vegetable-based enzymes blended with ionically charged colloidal minerals for optimal effect! You can eat right, supplement with vitamins and minerals, and still be malnourished! (Processed, cooked or irradiated foods lack enzymes!)


If you were to take only one thing to supplement your diet, It is believed that due to the prevalence of cooked, processed foods, denatured foods and food substitutes, enzymes may be the single most important support for your body’s health and well being. The following will provide you with sufficient information to gain your own understanding and make up your own mind.

THE MISSING LINK TO HEALTH: There is convincing evidence derived from the works of Drs. Francis Pottinger, Jr, Weston Price and Edward Howell that the destruction of enzymes in the cooking and processing of food is, perhaps, the most significant factor in chronic and degenerative diseases in both humans and animals. It begins with a phenomenon known as digestive leukocytosis.

“Leukocytosis” is a pathological condition defined in Dorlands Illustrated Medical Dictionary as “a transient increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood, resulting from various causes, such as hemorrhage, fever, infection, inflammation, etc.” Wikipedia defines White blood cells or leukocytes (also spelled “leucocytes”) as cells of the immune system defending the body against both infectious disease and foreign materials.

According to Paul Kautchakoff, MD, of the Institute of Clinical Chemistry Switzerland, only food which has been unaltered from its natural state can be eaten without being detrimental to the immune system.

Leukocytosis was first discovered in 1846. At first, it was considered normal because everyone who was tested had it. In 1930, Paul Kautchakoff, M.D., found that leukocytosis was not normal. In fact, the major cause of leukocytosis was discovered to be the eating of cooked food. An entire category of leukocytosis was classified as “digestive leukocytosis,” that is, the elevation of the white blood cell level in response to the lack of enzymes in the cooked food in the intestine. It is pathological because the pancreas does not provide most of the digestive enzymes needed.

Dr. Kautchakoff divided his findings into four classifications according to the severity of the pathological reaction in the blood: 1. Raw food produced no increase in the white blood cell count. 2.Commonly cooked food caused leukocytosis. 3. Pressure-cooked food caused even greater leukocytosis. 4. Man-made, processed and refined foods, such as carbonated beverages, alcohol, vinegar, white sugar, flour, and other foods, caused severe leukocytosis. Cooked, smoked and salted animal flesh brought on violent leukocytosis consistent with ingesting poison.

Silver Water Ultrazyme Plus Capsules by Wayne Rowland

Silver Water Ultrazyme Plus Capsules by Wayne Rowland

Silver Water Ultrazyme Plus Capsules — Optimizing the assimilation of your meals by as much as 300%. These high potency enzymes from organic sources are encapsulated with ionic minerals to increase their effectiveness throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

This phenomenon occurs after eating cooked food, since prolonged heat above 118 degrees Fahrenheit destroys enzymes in food. Three minutes in boiling water destroys the enzymes; pasteurization destroys 80% to 95%; and baking, frying, broiling, stewing and canning destroys 100%. Nature designed food with sufficient enzymes within it to digest that food when it is ingested. When enzymes are destroyed by cooking or other processing, ingesting that food triggers the body’s immune system, and it responds with leukocytosis.

Many health professionals are coming to the conclusion that this syndrome is an abusive scenario that puts significant stress on the pancreas, accounting for the enlarged pancreases of people in industrialized societies, and contributing to blood sugar problems such as diabetes and hypoglycemia, as well as the proliferation of chronic degenerative disease.

WHAT IS AN ENZYME? The medical dictionary defines an enzyme as “a protein produced in a cell capable of greatly accelerating, by its catalytic action, the chemical reaction of a substance (the substrate) for which it is specific.”

This is the standard definition taught in medical school. But more significantly, enzymes are the body’s workers. Enzymes operate on a biological and chemical level, perhaps even the radiological level, and although vitamins, minerals, hormones, proteins and other substances are essential to life, it is enzymes that perform the work and utilize these substances in restoring, repairing and maintaining health and life. Enzymes are the closest thing to what may be described as a “life force.” Without them, physical life as we perceive it would not exist. In fact, when enzyme levels fall below a given level in any living system, life appears to cease completely. Enzymes put together and take apart molecules, and they know how to do things that man cannot duplicate in the most modern of laboratories. How do they know how to do what they do?

Attempts to produce synthetic enzymes have failed. Science has identified over 80,000 different enzyme systems, and it is suspected that there may be hundreds of thousands, even millions of different types of enzymes. Yet, although science endeavors to know what certain types of enzymes are made of, no one has yet been able to directly measure or take a picture of one.

WHAT DO ENZYMES DO? Enzymes build, orchestrate and unify the physical expression we call “life.” They seem to know precisely what to do and when to do it. They “assemble” molecules during formative cellular growth and they take molecules apart when individual cells are fractured. Enzymes create and modulate every system in the body. Enzymes help assemble a human body from a one-cell organism into a 50 to 70 trillion-cell life form. Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged; they transport, use, and transform oxygen molecules and apparently every other nutrient the body needs; they break down metabolic waste and the by-products of cells; they quench free radicals, and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients, adding necessary ones. The physical existence of every human being and the existence of all other living organisms is totally dependent upon the ability of enzymes to do their job.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Silver Water Gel

where you can get, what you need, when you need it.

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silver_water_gelSilver Water Gel – 8 fl. oz.

Great for cuts, abrasions, bites and stings, and other dermal treatment.

This product is our uniquely charged Silver Water in a gel base. Great for after sun exposure, skin abrasions or whenever you need prolonged silver water surface contact for cellular rejuvenation. Ladies love it as an oil-free facial moisturizer. Men too!

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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