Reiki I, II, III

reikisymbols Learn Reiki I, II, and III at the Reiki Ranch in Adna, Washington. Presented in a beautiful country setting, these classes are taught through one day or weekend long retreats.

Accommodations include nearby Chehalis, tent camping or RV’ing, or staying in the dorm room. Fees are reasonably priced. See our Calendar of Events for dates and times.

1.    First Degree Reiki: –This is primarily for giving physical and etheric healings. It has a tremendous ability to balance and harmonize the chakras (energy centers in the body). Reiki I will remove negative energy from a person’s auric field, relieve stress, and heal the physical body of dis-eases in general. (Many students take these workshops over and over because of the healings they receive while doing the workshops.)
2.    Second Degree Reiki: –This energy adds healing on the mental and emotional levels. The first-degree energy is enhanced and amplified greatly, and the student is taught how to send the healing energy over long distances and to other points in time. The student learns techniques for using the Reiki symbols to cleanse and protect the aura (an invisible etheric energy field around the physical body.) The symbols can be used to remove bad energy from your home or office. The second-degree techniques are used to facilitate deep emotional healing, which is often the true cause of dis-ease.

3.    Third Degree Reiki: –This is very spiritual in nature and deals with self-empowerment. The Master level (third degree) amplifies both the first and second-degree energy to its highest levels. It integrates one’s being and initiates a more complete contact with your Higher Self. Reiki Masters can teach others and give Reiki I, II, and III attunements.