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Regular Liquid Manna 8 bottle package Wholesale to PublicLiquid Manna is highly oxygenated, premium spring water created by a proprietary, energetic charging process. 1 bottle is 16.9 fl. oz. / 500 ml.

To maintain very high oxygen levels within your body, simply mix one tablespoon of Liquid Manna into one gallon (3.8 liters) of non-chlorinated, high-quality water and drink daily. Use 1 tablespoon to 1 gallon of drinking water to activate it/ oxygenate it.

One bottle of Liquid Manna makes 32 gallons of oxygenated drinking water right in your home. Take a dropper with you to dine out to treat the restaurant water with Regular Liquid Manna. Put the frequency of oxygen into all your drinking water!

What is Liquid Manna?  Liquid Manna, an inspired creation of super-oxygenated spring water, delivers extraordinary levels of oxygen to the body for optimum health and vitality. The water itself before activating comes from the Mountain Valley Spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the oxygen comes through the brilliant technology of Fred Neal. 

Upon receiving pallets of spring water from Arkansas, Fred infuses enormous levels of oxygen into each 500ml bottle of water. No other oxygen supplement approaches Liquid Manna in terms of delivered oxygen, and that may even include hyperbaric cambers. There are two levels of Liquid Manna — Regular Liquid Manna and Royal Liquid Manna.

Over 75 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the underlying cause of all disease, and particularly cancer, is oxygen deficiency. He proved that no pathogen or cellular mutation can survive in an oxygen-rich environment within the body. Until now, delivery of adequate levels of oxygen was expensive and inconvenient or was otherwise not easily accessible. Because Fred presents a whole new oxygen paradigm to the world delivering unprecedented levels of oxygen, there was no existing instrumentation to test his products; thus he had to invent his own meters for testing and developed his own scale for reading oxygen content.

Ingredients: Premium Spring Water

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