Silver Water Gel

Silver Water GelProduct Information-

100% Natural – Silver water Gel Skin Protector

The CGAM/Wain water Silver Water was manufactured as a skin protector for burn patients but it would stick to the skin on burn wounds long enough so Silver Water Gel was developed as a 100% natural application of the colloidal silver.

This 100% natural product has not been tested on animals. Silver water gel is a combination of plant gelatin and Silver Water.

Not only used to heal burned skin, but It works very well for lubricating skin, softening skin, and diminishing skin wrinkles, which suggests it is helping to revive damaged collagen.

It also works very well for some types of skin sores, scabies, skin ulcer, diabetic skin infection, rashes, insect bites, animal bite or animal scratches, scrapes, burns, knife cuts, face skin cream, baby’s diaper rash; use as a makeup base, underarms, aftershave gel, natural and a safe lubricant, great for yeast problem.

External Use Only.

  • refreshing, Pure, Safe, All Natural Colloidal Silver Gel
  • anti-bacterial silver solution
  • Boost Immune Strength Naturally on skin
  • made with Colloidal Silver Water
  • CGAM Silver Water Gel

Silver Water Gel

Suggested uses are for scalds, chaffing, scrapes, bites, etc. 8oz bottle. Gel so it stays where you put it.

  • Silver Water Gel


  • Product Code:SILF4

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