How Does Laser Reiki Work?

Laser Reiki

How would you like to Release… Pain and Anxiety – and many times it is Immediately?

Healers, “Why would you want to add Laser Reiki to your healing toolbox?” If you are willing to take back control of your life and have even more joy – Read on! Workshops are available several times a year. Check the Laser Reiki schedule at The Reiki Ranch .com

Taylore’s story: I had an achy lower back for many years. When I lived in San Antonio and worked for the US Army I had to go to the chiropractor twice a week just to control the pain. I tried everything including wearing large magnets as large as 1″ X 6″ X 4″.

Taylore continues: In 1994 when we discovered Laser Reiki I was able to figure out the root cause of the pain, which was: “I was trying to be good enough for Daddy.” I had carried that trauma and pain around in my lower back tissue for over 30 years. It disappeared almost instantly with Laser Reiki when we found out the “root Cause” was trying to be good enough.

Trying to be good enough is also “I’m not good enough!”

Your aches and pains are directly related to past stuck emotions in the body tissue. It is very simple and easy to learn this release process in a 4-day workshop/retreat. Then you will be able to add even more practice and advanced training in Levels 5, 6, 7 and 8.

LR and CEH Works Much Faster than Traditional Reiki!

Traditional Reiki uses 4th dimensional energy and its application is energy to mass – the body being mass. Laser Reiki is 6th dimensional energy and above …and its application is energy to the energy body. That’s why it is more effective and considered 100 times faster. The higher dimensional energy is only available to practitioners who spend the time and effort in healing themselves. As they heal and cleanse themselves — they are able to receive the higher cosmic energy and apply it to others.

Ancient Art of Healing not New Age

Dr. Usui who rediscovered Reiki in the late 1800’s did not teach the whole story. He was brave to teach as much as he did during those superstitious times.

How is Laser Reiki healing method different from other energy healing methods?

In 1990, Taylore Vance and Roi discovered these remarkable ways to use the Reiki (Ki) at a much higher level than normally used…. where you focus this healing energy out of your fingertips.

There’s special attunement that convinces your subconscious mind to allow you to access the Reiki energy from the 6th dimension and above.

It’s 10 times quicker than traditional energy healing. You’ll learn where to focus the energy to do the most good.

The 32-hour 4-day Laser Reiki workshop where you learn how to do the elements 1-4 and then practice with other masters so the whole process feels natural to you. You have an extensive manual including 5 pages of hundreds of ways to find the root cause of a particular problem.

In the Laser Reiki workshop — A great benefit is the multiple healing you receive while you learn. Also you are now able to heal others – your family, friends, clients, pets, animals and plants. (There’s no doubt about its validity when it works on your plants and animals.)

LR and CEH — The really beautiful thing about these methods is they’ll do no harm. You’ll either be very good at it or less effective depending on how much practice.

  1. The First element of Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing is that you focus the energy out of your fingertips. We’re all hard wired to do that without any training.
  2. The second element is the special attunement that convinces your subconscious mind to allow you to access the Reiki energy from the 6th dimension and above rather than 4th and occasionally 5th.
  3. Third is questioning the subconscious mind to find the root cause (the beginning) of the problem so it can be healed at its onset.
  4. Fourth is the training of where to focus the comic energy according to the directions of the subconscious mind.
  5. Fifth is the 32-hour 4-day LR workshop where you learn how to do the elements 1-4 and then practice with other masters so the whole process feels natural to you. You have an extensive manual including 5 pages of hundreds of ways to find the root cause of a particular problem.
  6. Sixth is the multiple cosmic healings you receive while you learn. Also you are now able to heal others – your family, friends, clients, pets, animals and plants. (There’s no doubt about its validity when it works on your plants and animals.)

Can cosmic energy harm anyone? The really beautiful thing about these methods is they’ll do no harm. You’ll either be very good at it or less effective depending on how much practice.
Simple Techniques!

If healing is hard, then you aren’t doing it right.

As well as being simple, these healing techniques are fun to do.

LR and CEH –Once emotional energy blockages are released a great peace and harmony is felt. These energy blockages not only cause pain, but they disconnect you from Source Energy.

It’s like having a miracle in your hands!

Use simple techniques!

If healing is hard, then you aren’t doing it right.

These self-healing techniques are fun to do. Once emotional energy blockages are released a great peace and harmony is felt.

Laser Reiki/Cosmic Energy Healing is like having Source energy in your hands! You’ll learn to find the root cause of a particular problem and release it in a matter of minutes.

When the energy blockages are removed the body heals itself! Many times — instantaneous!

It Is Logical to Work with the Power House – Your Subconscious Mind!

You will learn to converse with your Subconscious Mind. All of your aches and pains are kept in the right place by the subconscious mind. You can learn to find the origin or the root cause of a particular problem and release it in a matter of minutes. And presto! The body heals itself! Many times — you have instant pain release.

LR and CEH works like defragging a computer that’s clogged up with conflicting programs and doesn’t do its repair maintenance. As soon as the energy flow is restarted the body is able to heal itself.

Cosmic energy healing with Laser Reiki works on the mental, emotional, psychological, and physical as well as spiritual, self esteem, relationships, sexual problems and lack of prosperity.

You can do this… It’s So Easy – My Seven Year Old Granddaughter Can Do It!

No prior training is required – just a willingness to learn and experience. You will also be certified as Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III (Master.) You should read Diane Stein’s book Essential Reiki. If you are already Reiki this is your next step. You need no special tools, only training to flow this energy beam directly out your fingertips. You are invited to attend!

Taught by the founders – Taylor & Roi since 1994.

Next beginner class for the Laser Reiki  4-day Basic LR Workshop in August 2009

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a modern version of an ancient healing art that utilizes the intrinsic ability of one to heal him/herself by activating it with the energy of the Universe. The energy that comes from the source of all consciousness, The Creator, “God”, or whatever for you might identify with it. During a Reiki treatment energy is passed from the Practitioner or Master to the person (or animal, or plant, etc.) that wishes to be healed. The energy does not come from the practitioner, as the healer is only a vessel for the transfer of energy. A Reiki practitioner has had a special attunement or series of attunements that open his/her energetic system to receive and transmit the flow of energy. The Reiki Master has achieved the highest level of potential openness that a person can receive on the physical plane. A master is also given the ability to pass attunements to others and thereby becomes a vessel for the Divine consciousness at work in our Universe.” by Rev. Jason Storm

There are Reiki practitioners in every country of the world and that is why Reiki is one of the most widely known methods of energy healing.

Recently the various state health organizations are not happy with Reiki Practitioners using the words Energy Healing. They think that only doctors can heal and take no notice that Reiki in one form or another has been around over 4000 years. Reiki involves direct application of universal energy or Chi for the purpose of strengthening the clients energy system (aura). A beam of Reiki — or the term Chi as the Chinese mystics and martial artists call this energy — is a stream of universal life force energy. The Universe is made of is made of this force. Call it by any name: Reiki, Chi, Chi Gong, Holy Spirit, etc., it is still the force of life that holds all together.

Reiki 1 training and attunement increases the flow of energy coming into the students body. The Reiki practitioner finds flowing Reiki to be effortless because the energy manages its own flow to and within the recipient. The client actually draws through the Reiki practitioner exactly the right amount of Reiki energy he or she needs. The Reiki practitioner never pushes energy into the client besides it is impossible to push Reiki.

Becoming a student of Reiki increases your connection with Source energy. It will speed up your karma because things we think about will manifest faster. Thoughts are things and your thoughts are speeding out to manifest your destiny using the Law of attraction. Can you imagine the idea that the universe around us made from energy, which can be shaped and manipulated by our thoughts. The Law of attraction uses both Quantum Physics and ancient Metaphysics and gives you an actual physical manifestation of your thoughts and feelings.

Mystery schools, spiritual masters, ancient mystics, shamans and witch doctors in different traditions have talked about the physical universe being made of an underlying form of something some call this stuff God. Now modern physics research is starting to understand the Universe is made of atoms. An atom is a very small particle that makes up matter. (Matter is anything that has mass and uses space; it is what everything that you can touch and feel is made of.) So the universe is made up of energy that is affected by the thoughts we think and even our mind chatter, complaining, and negative attitudes. This is quantum physics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Atoms are made of 3 kinds of basic sub-atomic particles – protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have no charge, and electrons have a negative charge. Protons and neutrons have almost the same amount of mass, while electrons are much smaller. Usually, an atom has about the same number of the three particles. The protons and neutrons are close together at the center of the atom. This clump is the atom’s nucleus.

Just as modern physics says this energy – electrons, atoms, are affected by thought the ancient mystical writings also state this underlying form is affected by thought, going so far as to claim we create our own reality from our thinking and the thoughts that run through our minds and dance between each of us in our interactions. Could your mind chatter be creating your fate?

Is society and your culture keeping you so busy that you hardly have time to meditate of even stop and think for a moment? Suppose there is a disease that has be caused by an emotional trauma or stress? How can a doctor find the cause of this sickness? It might even be a dis-incarnate spirit attached to a person causing the pain or depression.

AMA doctors could use the logical and useful information when trying to heal their clients. Might this quantum physics and mystical information make some diseases easier to explain, especially those, which have no apparent physical cause? Weve heard of miraculous cures and without this information it is not explainable. For example there was research study done years ago by the Silva mind control group showing that those who are prayed for improved their health and recovery from heart disease. As for the control group where no prayers or thoughts of wellbeing that group showed no extraordinary improvements. So if the world is energy cause to experience the power of thought then prayers must work (depending on how clearly and carefully you hold and elaborate on the prayers or thoughts). Keep in mind this process while you continue reading about Reiki.

One of the simplest energy healing methods on Earth, Reiki is very easily learned and beneficial for all, specialty to the practitioner. Reiki is one of many forms of Cosmic Energy healing modalities that uses subtle energy and natural forces. It appears that different cultures all use the same energy with the difference being techniques of application and intensity.

High vibration means health and wellness, as well as abundance, happiness and bliss. High vibrations are considered spiritual and enlightenment while the Lower vibrations in people lead to sickness, disease and finally death.

Since the word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, Ray is a beam of light and ki is the flow of energy. It is also is called the laying-on-of-hands. Reiki has been refered to the universal energy.

Stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties are just as treatable as physical aches and pains because emotional issues are also present in the energy structures. To learn Reiki there are specific techniques taught by Reiki Masters. The authentic Reiki methods that are most sought after is the Usui System of Natural Healing after the founder of the system, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk. However because Reiki is the common name, and well known all over the world, this is the name we use when describing energy healing in this article.

How is Reiki performed? A simple Reiki healing starts with the Reiki practitioner placing his or her hands upon the client. You do not have to touch the person receiving the energy transfer. The hands may hover over the body from one inch to 6 inches. The energy works just as well not touching. The Reiki practitioner will have the intent for healing to occur, and then the Reiki energy begins flowing. Some of the states regulations are getting stricter about touching a person and may require the practitioner to have a massage license in order to touch.

The Reiki energy seems to have a mind of its own. It knows what to work on first in a person. The Universe is in divine order and its wisdom is beyond us humans, to be sure. It has an innate intelligence that is perfect, in balance, in harmony and IT only knows love.

One valuable point for Reiki Practitioners is that Reiki seems to know where to go, what to do and it will never do harm. It will balance energy, add energy to gray or dark areas. It is source energy and certainly shows a higher intelligence than we humans have.

To flow Reiki once you are attuned to the sacred symbols, just Think Reiki and the flow happens without direct conscious intervention by the practitioner. The Reiki energy workers job is to get out of the way, to keep the healing space open, and to watch/listen and be open for signs of what to do next.

All physical reality is open to change. We live in a world of atoms that are in movement. Even solid looking matter is really in motion at the subatomic scale like a virtual reality video game. Reiki is capable of aiding anything because it works at very elemental levels of reality. Even though Reiki has the capacity to heal all that there is, this is not what always happens. As a practitioner of Reiki please dont take credit or blame for healings or even when the Reiki flow doesnt seem to work. It is up to the client to use this energy flow to its highest and best use.

There are limits and there are boundaries of all energy healing. The limits to Reiki seem to be in the recipients willingness to let go of the old habits and patterns, to accept change and to accept healing. The client must want to change and all healing is entirely up him or her. At the fourth and fifth dimension level where Reiki functions, anything can be changed because all is fluid like and reality is very malleable. This has been my experience of using the Reiki energy.

The subtle levels of energy where Reiki operates — beyond the physical reality is where miracles happen. The name Reiki is all about bringing down the Source energy from beyond the physical and using it to correct imbalances in our health. Most people do not realize the underlying energy structure of matter. The physical matter we see around us is a solidified form of energy and it is still in motion. It feels solid, but it is not — otherwise people could not walk through walls. Check out the several books on quantum physics that are written for the average person education and understanding of physics.

Ive noticed that many of the clients who come for a treatment have a victim consciousness. They feel unworthy and not good enough and are attracting even more of the same. With these feelings of being a victim, they are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. We all want life to changes for the better, to feel better, to stop the pain whether its mental, emotional or physical. We are looking for peace and happiness and most of us are looking outside of ourselves when in reality it is within. God is within. Reiki helps take you within and by clearing blockages and negative energy we create a better path to this sweet spot where we feel the inner joy.

Reiki will take you there.  Enjoy the trip.

Taylore Vance

Reiki Master

Reiki Ranch Classes

Reiki Healing Clinic

reikisymbolsThe Reiki Ranch offers a Reiki Healing Clinic each month on the second Sunday, noon to 3pm.

This healing clinic is open to everyone and is offered on a donation basis.   This is a forum for those interested in Reiki healing energy and offers an opportunity for students of the Reiki Ranch to practice the techniques they have learned in Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III classes.

For more information contact Dean West at 360-266-0280.

The Reiki Ranch is located in Western Washington, approximately 20 miles south of Olympia, and 10 miles west of Chehalis/Centralia.  Follow Hwy 6 to Adna (approximately 5 miles) to Adna, WA.  Call Dean for address and driving directions.

Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energy


What is Laser Reiki?

In the early 1990’s Taylore was treating a client using traditional Reiki and her thoughts were on thinking — “there might be a quicker and better way to create wellness for the person.” A Reiki treatment usually takes up to an hour or even an hour and a half. An inner voice told Taylore that there was a much faster way to remove energy blockages and she could heal 10 people in the same amount of time that it was taking to do one. Taylore said, “I’m all ears …and ready to learn this new cosmic energy method.” Laser Reiki and Cosmic energy healing – together is such a most extraordinary method!

Taylore and Roi are a married couple and they share years of study and training in the healing arts, as well as, in the Spiritual Nature of humanity. They experimented with their healings using zero point energy and principles of new physics that demonstrates the impact on our physical reality at quantum, atomic and sub-atomic levels, and they utilize parts of other healing modalities to get to the root cause of issues. Using elements of Kinesiology (muscle testing), for example, they establish direct contact with an individual’s sub-conscious mind and begin an elaborate dialogue with the inner knowingness. This technique reveals negative evergy blockages, and hidden beliefs which are immediately targeted with the “Laser Reiki” energy flow for release and transmutation.

Laser Reiki Classes and workshops are listed here.

We have Chehalis Reiki classes near Olympia, Reiki classes at Chehalis, Reiki classes north of Portland, OR and South of Seattle, and Tacoma