Why Are People So Negative About Natural Cures

It’s too bad everyone has such a negative opinion about Natural Cures. I guess they didn’t read the book very carefully. One of the pieces of advice is to be lighthearted. Just by thinking negatively about this book, you’re creating negative energy in your body.

People are looking for the “cure for cancer” or the “cure for MS” but when they don’t find the information in the form they’re looking for, eg. “cure for cancer = the jubjub root” (ya i made that up) then they automatically think they have been scammed.

Yes it appears that way from the title, but the cure is simple, and is 100% evident in the book. The cure has been here all along. The cure is our bodies, given to us by nature, by God if you will, by evolution if you will, etc. The problem with cancer, MS, etc is that our bodies are shutting down from all of the man made unnatural crap. The cure is, to go natural, organic, detoxify to undo the damage, embrace positive energy, etc.

Sounds too simple? Well it doesn’t seem so since everyone who read the book doesn’t seem to get that. The nice thing about this book is, you can spend the $40 or whatever you paid, or borrow it from the library, read it, do everything he says, and you will not have lost anything! Even trying 5 things on his list of 30 will give you something positive to go away with and will make you that much closer to the natural life we’re supposed to be living in the first place. Don’t report this guy to the ftc until you actually try this. If it still doesn’t give you something positive, then go ahead.
Be positive, open minded, light hearted. It can only help the situation.

Thanks for reading

by mindbodynsoul  at http://curezone.com/

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