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What is MSM? MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane (no wonder they call it MSM!). MSM is an organic sulfur compound that exists to some extent in all living things. MSM is a basic nutrient required for the proper functioning of the body. And unfortunately, MSM is also probably not sufficient in your diet today.

Did you know? Veterinarians have been using MSM/DMSO for over 35 years to relieve dog and cat chronic pain and inflammation from arthritis or hip dysplasia in Animals. Sulfur Powder Supplements are Essential to your Dog or Cat’s Health. We suggest that you educate yourself about msm by purchasing and reading the hardcover book written by Dr. Stanley Jacob called : “The Miracle of Msm: The Natural Solution for Pain”. The book retails at most book stores such as Amazon.

Bill’s grandfather, a county doctor and vet, used DMSO 35 years ago on a dog which had bee run over by a car and they did think it would live the night. They doused it real good all over the body and especially the stomach area then put it in a cage for the night. The next morning it was up and wagging his tail.
Natures Secret for Pain and Inflammation Relief is MSM Nutritional Sulfur Supplements that Lower Pain and Inflammation, while Increasing Mobility. MSM sulfur also known as methylsulfonylmethane is a natural, effective and economical way to deal with pain and inflammation.

Here’s just a few things that MSM has been known to help with…


Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, bursitis, muscular soreness, athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-traumatic inflammation, pain, heartburn, hyperacidity, headaches, back pain, allergies and more!

Taking MSM will help your body correct its chemistry & build up your immune system.

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Msm powder              1 Kilo or 2.4 lbs  $38.00

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Product is packaged in a 1 lb. ziplock bags and heat sealed into a second heavier plastic bag. A certificate of analysis is available upon request. We do not charge a fee to become a distributor, only the minimum quantity purchases are required.

“Relieves Back Pain Headaches Muscle Pain Arthritis Athletic Injuries And Much More”  –The Miracle of MSM Stanley W. Jacob, M.D. Ronald M Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. Martin Zucker

Msm Quality: We carry only the Micro Pro MMS from Cardinal Nutrition, the only 99.9% Ultra-Pure MSM officially licensed for human biological use under the R.J. Herschler Patents.

The msm you purchase from us will always be 99.9% pure methylsulfonylmethane nutritional sulfur and will never be cut with any other ingredients. A copy of the certificate of analysis is available upon request.

Cell Mg Magnesium Oil Spray

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Cell Mag oil from the Dead Sea deep mineral deposit.

Cell Mag oil from the Dead Sea deep mineral deposit.

Cell Mg Magnesium Oil Spray

While the word about everyone being deficient with magnesium chloride is slowly getting out, the point about transdermal mineral replenishment in general, and magnesium in particular, is not getting out to the public. Therefore, please share this information with others!

Once you’ve tried the magnesium chloride on your skin and feel the difference in how your body functions…

Our magnesium (in dehydrated form) is a naturally occurring nutritional mineral extracted from a specific part of the Dead Sea. Thanks to its exceptional geographic location (the lowest point of the earth) it contains unequaled concentrations of magnesium chloride and is also very rich in trace elements precious to the body. It is chemically pure and free of additives or perfumes.

Energy is added: As an added benefit, we then energetically enhance it using a proprietary process that maintains the integrity and vitality of the magnesium product.

Magnesium oil spray is a powerful therapeutic hydrotherapy that removes toxins from the tissues, draws inflammation out of the muscles and joints and is also the most efficient delivery and cost effective method of restoring cellular magnesium to optimum levels. It allows the magnesium to be absorbed through the largest organ of your body – the skin.

Book Report: “The signs of magnesium deficiency are many. “ Restless legs, cramps, muscle spasms, aching muscles, lack of energy, migraines, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety are just a few as described by Dr Carolyn Dean in her ground breaking book “The Miracle of Magnesium”. Excited people are telling friends and loved ones about how their long-suffered pain has ended, inflammation has abated, or headaches, including migraines, have disappeared, sometimes quickly, and sometimes, over a short period of time. Even panic attacks have been helped.

When sprayed on the skin, The best Magnesium Oil – CELL MAG OIL – is almost immediately assimilated by the body, channeled directly to the cellular level where the Magnesium  can immediately begin to reduce inflammation, stop pain, and repair connective tissue damage. The body will never absorb too much oil through the skin. It knows what to do.

By using Magnesium Oil as a topical lotion, especially under the arms, backs of the knees, on the feet, and over the heart-thymus area, massive amounts of Magnesium and other essential minerals can be absorbed directly into the body.

In his book “Holy Water, Sacred Oil,” Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Rebuilding the skin requires the healing properties of Magnesium Oil. The medicinal properties of Magnesium Oil — as this ocean brine is called, though it contains no oil — is only applicable if and when one has maintained dangerously low levels — which 68% or more of the population has done — to the point that a pattern of illness and disease has established itself. This would be akin to classifying water as a medicine, if it was given to someone who was dehydrated, or warm water for someone with hypothermia.

At the Reiki we import and market the purest, most effective Cell magnesium chloride “oil” spray/rub-on, ( it may feel like an oil but it is supersaturated sea water extracted from the Dead Sea deposits) to boost everyone’s health, fitness and well-being…and FAST.  In fact – 10 times faster and more effectively according to studies by Dr Norm Shealy

“Transdermal Magnesium Therapy offers a stunning breakthrough in medicine, an entirely new way to supplement magnesium that naturally increases DHEA levels, boosts cellular magnesium levels quickly, relieves pain &  brings down blood pressure.  Magnesium chloride oil, delivered transdermally, brings a quick release from a broad range of conditions.  Magnesium chloride is one of the best kept secrets, not only in natural medicine, but in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives”   Dr Mark Sircus.

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