Liquid Manna Testimonials, FQ&A

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Water is Life


Thank you so much for answering my questions and sending the Liquid Manna book to the UK.  I have forwarded a copy on to my friend, Chris Curtis ,as her water must have arrived by now.

I know it`s an awful thing to say but, I will say it anyway.  I just hope Fred does not take his secret to the grave when his time comes!

My water arrived two days ago and  already I have noticed that my saliva has increased and is sweeter to the taste.  I have also beenable to relieve pain in my hip with the Royal.  I cannot quite explain it, perhaps to say it feels like I have very happy cells, a kind of fizzylightness in the body.


The water in my eyes with the spray bottle was excruciatingly painful.  Then I added about a pinch of salt to 5ml of the Royal and there was no problem.  I put just enough salt to make the water taste like tears and this was perfect.

Thank you so very much for selling this product.  It is a miracle.

                                      Tender Blessings,

Q: Can I use more of the Regular / Royal to see faster results? For instance, how about taking another full bottle of Royal whenever I feel like it instead of only one time the first day or add a shot of Regular to each glass of water or juice during the day?

Is there a way to overdo it or is more not necessarily better?

Although I hate MMS (now called water Purification drops), I must say that it has done me some good in the past. I think I have had Candida for most of my life and the MMS has been the only thing that seems to help as long as I take it, at least temporarily, although I also have had some terrible reactions. Can I take both . . . MMS and Liquid Manna?

A: In order to optimize your results, it is wise to follow the protocol that Fred recommends so that you flood your body with oxygen and thus give your body all of the oxygen it needs to deal with those conditions swiftly and effectively.

If you choose to drink more Liquid Manna, you can. However, you may experience some heavy detoxing (a healing crisis). This is a high concentration of oxygen. No one really knows how they will respond because everyone’s body has a different situation.

You can take MMS and Liquid Manna simultaneously; however, you may want to see how you respond using only the Regular / Royal protocol first. Perhaps the flood of oxygen will assist your body in healing the Candida. David

6 bottles of Liquid Manna

Q: I want to let you know that I love the Liquid Manna. It has given me so much energy. My blood pressure has come down, I sleep better and my acid reflux has not acted up as much.

I want to ask about the eyedrops your wife took. Was it full strength out of the Regular Liquid Manna bottle or was it the diluted water? I have MD (which is being watched) and thought I would try the drops. My eyes seem to be irritated or dry since I have been drinking the water.

What about sleep disorders? . . . what is best to take for that or will the continued use of the water help?

A: Glad the water is responding to your needs. I suggest using drops for the eyes with the water you mix for drinking, or you can use it straight from the bottle. Either way should work nicely. Just continue on the water, and your sleep disorder should improve over time. David from Global Light

I love this water fall.

Q: I have been using MMS to cure my dog of Lyme’s disease, but I think we need something more. I just read your newsletter and am wondering if I should give him Liquid Manna. What do you think?

A: Yes, the Liquid Manna is safe for animals. I would use it the same as you would for drinking water . . . 1 tablespoon per gallon. David

Q: I have a question on the Royal Liquid Manna and heavy metals in the body. What will it do to heavy metals? I am starting to drink a bottle of Royal and I taste metal in my mouth. I have had all of the mercury fillings taken out, but there could still be something left over. I do have gold and other metals in the mouth.

A: I am finding that the Liquid Manna is releasing deeplyheld stuff from within my system that I thought I had released years ago. This is very deepacting water, so if you find these results are too powerful, simply back off on the amount of water you are drinking. This water releases longheld stuff from our body — not only the physical, but our energy bodies as well. Libby from Global Light in Australia

Q: I recently ordered the Liquid Manna and am looking forward to receiving it. One question: the bottle (Royal) that can be used in a bathtub . . . can it be used more than one time in the tub? If so, do you know how many times it can be used? Will it also be okay to drink it after it has been unopened in the tub?

A: The unopened bottle can be used for years and years in baths. Then at any point it can also be opened and drunk . . . not a problem. That is how incredibly stable the Liquid Manna is. David

Q: After reading your newsletter about Liquid Manna questions, Liquid Manna CD, Liquid Manna testimonials, it occurs to me that this product contains the ability to reverse some physical symptoms that I have considered important for some time:

– Flooding the body with intense oxygen to kill cancers, viruses, etc.

– Reversing excess acidity

– Relieving migraines and pain

– Is an alternative to MMS that is a lot easier to use and tastes better

Can I also ask: does it help with weight and could it help with a torn rotator cuff?

A: Fred and his wife, Doris, have really stressed that the Royal Liquid Manna rebuilds tissue . . . all tissue. They have told me some wonderful stories about many major injuries that rebuilt, almost miraculously. Drink the bottle of Royal Liquid Manna, then soak often with the other Royal in a tub (unopened). Also drink as much as possible of Regular Liquid Manna. I think you are going to be amazed.

Regarding weight, you may find that you will have more energy and that will most likely help with weight. Additionally, if you drink at least two liters of the Regular daily, you might find that your appetite ends up being suppressed. That seemed to be my response, but everyone is different. What do you have to lose . . . give it a shot. David

Q: Just received my bottles of Liquid Manna and was thinking of putting it in my farm supply water tank. It is three thousand gallons, and turns over possibly three times a day. I was wondering if I dropped a couple of sealed bottles of the Royal into the water tank to bob around, whether that would be a waste of time?

I was originally going to drop a bottle in the cows’ trough each milking, but figured, “Why not treat all the farm water at the source?”

A: Actually, it is an outstanding idea to let two of the Royal bottles bob around in the tank. That is far more efficient and more effective than trying to treat the

water in the troughs each day. Brilliant!

In time you will build up an enormous oxygen level in the water, raise the pH of the water, and any particulate matter in the water will probably drop out. The turnover rate of three times per day for the three thousand gallon tank might diminish the effectiveness somewhat but probably not too much. You are going to have some very

healthy cows.

Incidentally, the bottles of Royal will continue to be effective for quite a while in this use. (Be sure to take the foil off of the bottles.) David

Q: As I was reading your newsletter comments on the oxygen waters, I want to be clear on the foilcovered Regular Liquid Manna. Do we take the foil off? I assumed we left it on. I gave it to my daughter to sleep with a few days in bed as she had an awful cold. Was I supposed to peel off the foil? Did it block results? Can you clear this up please?

A: The only reason you need to keep the foil on the Regular bottle is if you are storing it near a bottle of Royal.

Q: How is Regular / Royal Liquid Manna different from the stabilized oxygen liquid supplements that have been on the market for some time?

A: The main difference is orders of magnitude of oxygen . . . probably exceed what you would get in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. There is NOTHING else on the planet that offers anywhere near the levels of oxygen from Liquid Manna.

On Fred’s meter that he created to test oxygen levels, stabilized oxygen drops have an oxygen reading of 3500. The Liquid Manna that you use to make your drinking water has an oxygen reading on his scale of 550,000,000. That is why I say that there is a quantum difference between Liquid Manna and ANY other oxygen source on the planet, including a hyperbaric chamber. The Royal Liquid Manna is substantially higher than the regular, but Fred is not willing to quantify the difference. However, I think I remember him saying once that the Royal is at least 10 times greater than the regular.

If you are interested in oxygen, this is the answer . . . period! David

Q: I have just been listening to Fred Neal’s CD which is so amazing. Now I have two questions.

1. I have a Nikken water filter. Can I add Liquid Manna to the bottom tank with the silver and mineral stones? Which Liquid Manna and how much?

2. Can I add Liquid Manna to my rain water tank (1000 gallons)? Which Liquid Manna and how much? Do you know of anybody who’s tried this? Will there always be oxygen in the tank?

A: When you are treating water for drinking, you always want to use the Regular Liquid Manna and use the ratio of one tablespoon per gallon. Thus, one 16.9 ounce bottle of Regular Liquid Manna will treat 32 gallons of water.

There is no problem using your Nikken water.

The challenge with something like your rain water tank is that it is quite large and you regularly have water flowing in and out so that it would be near impossible to control

the concentration of Liquid Manna, plus the fact that it would take an enormous amount of Liquid Manna to treat that much water. Although it is not an official answer

that Fred has ever addressed, it occurs to me that you might put a whole bottle of the Royal Liquid Manna in your rain water tank and that would provide a pretty substantial amount of oxygen.

Whoa, it just occurred to me that Fred would probably recommend that you simply float a bottle of Royal Liquid Manna in the rain water tank and just leave it there all of the time. Yeah, that is the way to go. David

Some symptoms of low oxygen levels are:

– shortness of breath/ difficulty breathing/ dyspnea
– extreme fatigue
– chest tightness
– mental confusion
– tingling fingers
– water retention (especially feet/ ankles)
– chronic cough


Why do we need OXYGEN? These are but a few symptoms as oxygen deficiency can wreak all kinds of havoc. According to F- SIred Neal, the developer of Liquid Manna and Royal Liquid Manna, oxygen is the healing liquid for all situations, meaning that when the cells are properly oxygenated, they can optimally function.

HEALING HAPPENS: When the body has what it needs — water, nutrients and oxygen — it can heal itself.