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Why Does the body need magnesium?

Book Review: by Pam Taylor, L.M.P., who has over 24 years experience in the holistic field as a therapist, Reiki and Laser Reiki Master, consultant, instructor, author, and editor.
“Transdermal Magnesium Therapy”, by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., O.M.D. (hon.)

“Magnesium is the single most important mineral for maintaining proper electrical balances and facilitating smooth metabolism in the cells.”

Internet research further states that… Magnesium is necessary for Critical Life Support (Advanced Cardiac Life Support · Clinical Multimedia Library · Hospitalist Training Magnesium Low – Critical. Your patient has a critically low magnesium –Give IV therapy …)

Magnesium is a natural mineral nutrient compound sourced from evaporated sea water, or in this case of the CELL MAG Body Gel, it is from the Dead Sea. According to Dr. Mark Sircus, magnesium chloride is treasured for its ability to promote health, wellbeing, increase vitality, treat numerous deficiencies that may lead to a disease, combat the aging process and fight infections with its anti bacterial / anti fungal properties.

Magnesium chloride is used by the body to keep calcium in the bones and teeth rather than around the joints and in the soft tissues, we need a steady supply of transdermal magnesium – (Absorbed through the skin.)

Magnesium is  not only is it harmless for tissues, but it also greatly increases leukocyte activity and phagocytosis, the destruction of pathogenic microbes. Book by Bryan Rosner, Julie Byers, James Schaller … – 2007 – Health & Fitness – 367 pages
The doctor tested many substances and discovered that a magnesium chloride increasing leukocyte activity and phagocytosis (destruction of microbes).

It has also been found to have beneficial effects in cancer therapy by helping 300 body functions that keep a person’s immune system working better as researched in Dr. Mark Sircus’ book. In all cases researchers report that magnesium chloride gave much better results than other magnesium compounds.

We see how essential magnesium is to the normal function of the cardiovascular and nervous systems as well as in over 300 enzyme reactions and in energy production as reported from Dr. Mark Sircus.

The word is spreading about magnesium, the biggest, most important mineral component to human health ever to be so profoundly ignored by modern medicine.

However, the attitude about magnesium is changing by education.

People are learning from Dr. Mark Sircus and his book, and in many cases, telling their doctors — most don’t listen — about new intake options that have always been available but are now known to be effective. Heading the list of new modalities is topical mineral intake made practical by the availability of reasonably-priced magnesium chloride in liquid form. You just rub or spray it on your skin for easy adsorption.

This wonder nutrient is essentially evaporated sea water where the preponderance of salt (NaCl) has been removed through crystallization. We have both Sea water Magnesium and the Dead Sea ancient mineral Magnesium chloride at this website.

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