Water Purification Drops (MMS=Much More Savings) 7 Pack+Citric

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mms_deluxe_777_pack2 MMS = Much More Savings: The water purification Drops ( 28% sodium chlorite) protocol combines the water purification drops and a food based acid activator.  When the Citric acid activator is added to the Water Purification Drops — WPD — it makes Chlorine  Dioxide – a powerful aid to the immune system and it purifies water for travel and camping.  WPD now comes in a beautiful green oval bottle.

You will also receive mixing bottles for your activator, giving you everything you need to use your WPD protocol.

  • Seven bottles of water purification drops (WPD) 4 oz.
  • Seven packs of citric acid activator -full 1/4 lb. per premixed per bottle.
  • Seven clear Mixing bottles give you that 7-7-7 synergy!
  • NEW 50/50 Protocol – We are mixing your citric acid  for instance use as a 1:1 solution.

Sounds like a winning combination to me!

Seven WPD kits for 7 people at only $17.85 each (Reg price is $25 per kit) Total savings $50.

Shipped daily.

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