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transderma_magnesium_oil With Transderma Magnesium Oil you receive energetically enhanced minerals in an easily absorbed form, directly through your skin.

This pacific ocean magnesium oil restore healthy mineral balances, improve cellular electrolytes, and improve your overall health. Using transdermal delivery (through the skin), you absorb much more of the minerals than you may through your digestive tract. You can use this magnesium liquid oil as a rub, bath oil, or many other applications.

From the magnesium forum at the

“I’ve been spraying the magnesium oil on my body. So far my teeth and gums are much healthier. Enamel is harder. I have a general euphoric/wellbeing feeling after spraying, but it doesn’t last for long, just right after. Another questioned…Regarding the spraying.. are you rubbing the mag oil in too ? According to the literature I received with my Magnesium Minerals, it says that it is very important to massage/rub it in as much as possible as this is the key factor in absorption. Still, I’m not sure if you could still taste it on your skin.. your body can probably can only absorb so much at a time…”

Product size: 16 ounce bottle. This magnesium comes from the Pacific Ocean.

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