Why shop at the Reiki Ranch Natural store?

WE really love helping alternative health seekers —  people like you.

You are looking for a solution to your health problems through an alternative health remedy. It is cheaper and there are usually zero side effects because of the natural health treatments.
All the products are now Church Sacraments because We believe that the Creator wants its creation to be healthy and happy. The creator has provided Nature to contain all the healing herbs and natural substances necessary for long and a productive life.

We also started out there, too — looking for natural Health solutions and we found that we could heal our bodies through Alternative Health ways.

We had Lymes Disease for about ten years — not knowing exactly what we had. Lyme Disease looks like nearly 300 different diseases depending on the area where it strikes. We’re completely over the dreaded Lymes Disease by taking water purification drops for two years.  We have tiny side effects and we have recovered our energy and good health 100%. It costs us both less than $100 for the two years of treatment.

We are here to help you. We recovered our good health again!

We only sell products that we personally have taken and found beneficial.

Look over our natural products, MMS – water Purifier, silver water, liquid manna – royal liquid manna, iodine, stabilized greens etc. have fun!