Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energy


What is Laser Reiki?

In the early 1990’s Taylore was treating a client using traditional Reiki and her thoughts were on thinking — “there might be a quicker and better way to create wellness for the person.” A Reiki treatment usually takes up to an hour or even an hour and a half. An inner voice told Taylore that there was a much faster way to remove energy blockages and she could heal 10 people in the same amount of time that it was taking to do one. Taylore said, “I’m all ears …and ready to learn this new cosmic energy method.” Laser Reiki and Cosmic energy healing – together is such a most extraordinary method!

Taylore and Roi are a married couple and they share years of study and training in the healing arts, as well as, in the Spiritual Nature of humanity. They experimented with their healings using zero point energy and principles of new physics that demonstrates the impact on our physical reality at quantum, atomic and sub-atomic levels, and they utilize parts of other healing modalities to get to the root cause of issues. Using elements of Kinesiology (muscle testing), for example, they establish direct contact with an individual’s sub-conscious mind and begin an elaborate dialogue with the inner knowingness. This technique reveals negative evergy blockages, and hidden beliefs which are immediately targeted with the “Laser Reiki” energy flow for release and transmutation.

Laser Reiki Classes and workshops are listed here.

We have Chehalis Reiki classes near Olympia, Reiki classes at Chehalis, Reiki classes north of Portland, OR and South of Seattle, and Tacoma