Water Purification Drops

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Water Purification Drops — now available.   MMS -Much More Savings.

It has been on the market for almost 80 years as a water purifier, used by campers and hikers all over the world.

Water Purification Drops

Water Purification Drops

[The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century = book title. MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) is a 28% Sodium Chlorite solution that contains 22.4% active Sodium Chlorite and is commonly known as a water purification drop. When activated with citric acid the chemical property changes to chlorine dioxide and becomes a powerful water disinfectant. An alkaline environment is created therefore harmful pathogens cannot survive. Chlorine dioxide via activated sodium chlorite is the preferred water purification treatment for drinking water.]

WPD is great for potable water treatment while camping, hiking and survival when emergency drinking water is needed.

Our price is only $25.00 per set  of 2 – 4 oz bottles – over 6 month’s  supply – it is full to the brim.

You will be making Chlorine dioxide! CD and chlorine are not the same. … CD is healthy and considered an alternative health treatment for killing bacteria and pathogens inside the human body.  We drink it — very diluted, of course!

28% sodium chlorite becomes chlorine dioxide only when activated by citric acid. (We now are using Jim Humble’s new protocol of 50/50% Citric Acid.)

— The good stuff!  Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound that consists of one chlorine ion bound to two ions of oxygen. In this form it is known as one of the most powerful oxidizing agents available and is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people for their dogs, cats and farm animals. It used to be called another name but we were told not to use that name anymore.

(Oxidizing agents are chemical compounds that readily accept electrons from “electron donors.” They gain electrons via chemical reaction. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens and heavy metals are electron donors. Once those electrons are gone, the pathogens and heavy metals cease to be a problem and are reduced to waste materials.)

For more than 100 years clinics and hospitals have used the active ingredients (chlorine dioxide) in this liquid to sterilize hospital floors, tables, equipment, and other items.

When the Water Purification Drops (WPD) are mixed with a food acid such as citric acid it changes to a stabilized form of Chlorine Dioxide and becomes a powerful water treatment chemical and it is recognized as a superior water disinfectant alternative to chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, or anything else.

You can buy citric acid at a good health food store. It does not hurt the body in any way. It does not add chlorine.

Chlorine dioxide — it is known as one of the most powerful oxidizing agents available and is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people. They gain electrons via chemical reaction. This is important because relative to chlorine dioxide, all pathogens and heavy metals are electron donors. Once those electrons are gone, the pathogens and heavy metals cease to be a problem and are reduced to waste materials.

As an emergency purification product, travel aid, or just an overall aid for the immune system these Water Purification Drops (WPD — no longer called by other names)  are a great asset to your first aid kit, animal treatment, pour into animal water drinking tubs, stagnant ponds  and a travel kit for campers and hikers.

It comes in a beautiful green oval bottle with a dropper top for easy measuring the drops. WPD is the same as the original Jim Humble formula.

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  DisclaimerStatement: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Reiki is energy directly from Source Energy. It is uplifting and raises the vibrational frequency to health and well being.

  2. Dear Sirs

    We want to purchase several MMS water purification drops. Please confirm if you can delivery the MMS botles to Buenos Aires Argentina. We can pay with credit card.

    Looking foward to your reply

    Best regards

    Mario Ceva mceva@arimex.com

    ANSWER:Yes, we mail to all countries in South America, as well as most of the rest of the world. http://reikiranch.net

    In Panama they have started a bad publicly campaign against MMS. Articles in the newspaper, etc. You have to spread the positive word because the big pharmaceutical companies think they might lose money because of the wonderful results of MMS.

  3. OMG, thanks for the info. I mean, I have nail fungus and that’s crappy. I read in http://ezinearticles.com/?Toenail-Fungus-Laser-Treatment-Vs-Over-the-Counter-Products—Does-Laser-Treatment-Prevail?&id=2616874 that insurance doesn’t cover laser treatment? Is that really the truth?

    ANSWER: MMS OR AS NOW CALLED WPD kills all fungus!
    I soak my feet in activated MMS. 1/2 teaspoon to a shallow plastic dish washing pan of warm water. I soak for 20 minutes.

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  5. We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.

    ANSWER: The MMS – WPD =water purification drops will kill all germs/bacterias/viruses including Ebola, swine flu, and MERSA, ETC. You can purchase WPD here

  6. You’ve got excellent stuff there, Appreciate it because I find this really insightful. I’ve quite enjoyed reading your articles. Simply admirable what you have done here.

  7. I Need to know how many drops you need of each bottle to purify brackish water. I’ve read somewhere that you need over 150 drops of each (50%solution of citric acid). I live on a atoll and the wells are very contaminated.

    ANSWER: From the book (MMS Protocols – User guide) sold on Anazon.com on page 11 — Water Purification: For cloudy or murky water — use 3-4 drops MMS per gallon. Do not activate the sodium Chlorite. Let stand 8 hours before drinking.
    Buy MMS: http://mms.reikiranch.net/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=3

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