Water Purification Drops Basic Kit (w/Citric acid)

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This water purification basic travel kit uses a protocol with the combination of (MMS = Much More Savings) water purification drops (28% sodium chlorite – and – when activated becomes chlorine dioxide)  plus a food based acidic activator (citric acid).

4 oz Bottle of WPD and 4 oz Citric acid 50/50
4 oz Bottle of WPD and 4 oz Citric acid 50/50

This WPD  kit includes:

    • — 4 ounce bottle of WPD (always filled to the brim and contains almost 5 oz.  of water purification drops – sodium chlorite
    • Now we are combining the activator — all pre-mixed for your convenience. The Citric acid is ready for instant use on a 1:1 bases (one drop sodium chloride to and one drop Citric acid.)
    • refrigerate the premixed citric acid solution for longer life.

When activated- 1 drop to 1  drop –  this bottle and activator (WPD kit) makes a year supply of chlorine dioxide for purifying water according to the protocol as explained on the Internet.

The new bottle is a beautiful green oval container with the correct size dropper top for easy measuring.

It is shipped to all countries via USPS as “water purifier” — water purifier has been used by travelers, hikers and campers for over 60 years to purify water.

Check out Jim Humbles Newsletter about using a capsule to take the MMS

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