Wayne Rowland’s CGAM “Clean Me Up Program”

Need more energy??? Come hear how to restore vitality with the proven proprietary “clean me up” program. Powerful detox combined with super nutrients and enzymes unlike anything you have ever seen before…


Wayne's Silver Water Clean-Me-Up Program

Wayne's Silver Water Clean-Me-Up Program


using the CGAM Clean Me Up Program (Silverwater, Greens, Enzymes and Iodine). These will provide optimal support nutritionally for repairing, rebuilding and restoring the body’s tissue and organs.

To remove parasites from the body we need to cleanse the blood and the bowel with:

  • Silverwater
  • Enzymes
  • Colloidal Minerals
  • Lugol’s Iodine

Detox and add autrition with:

  • Greens
  • Dulse
  • Serrapeptase
  • Vermox (dewormer) Not included in package

The following ”CLEAN ME UP PROGRAM” has proven to be the best protocol for cleansing and removing parasites from the blood and bowel:

1) Take 6 drops of Lugol`s Iodine in 3 oz of regular water – first thing in the morning. You have to be able to eat shellfish (ie not be iodine allergic!)

2) After 15 – 20 min put 6-8 oz of Silver Water into a blender.

3) Add 2 heaping tablespoonfuls of Silver Water Greens (Phyto Food) to it.

4) Take 8-10 capsules of Ultrazyme Plus – open them up and sprinkle them unto the smoothie.

5) Add ¼ level teaspoon of Serrapeptase to the mix.

6) Blend it all up and drink – At your own convenience (just for taste and texture) add any fruit or vegetable juice to it – If you add orange juice you might want to switch out the Silver Water and drink it by itself.

7) Add 1 Tablespoon of Coconut milk powder to make it a delicious smoothie.

8) Dulse is salty in taste (1 teaspoon per day) – you can add it to the smoothie – or eat it sprinkled over a salad or soup – experiment with it.

The Ultrazyme Plus, which de-worms the blood and tissue, is a combination of Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals.

Silver Water has been known to kill bacteria, viruses as well as ameba found in the feces of the parasites which live in the blood and bowel. Silver Water Greens (Phyto Food) and Dulse (seaweed) are incredible rebuilders of the blood and tissue, and help sharpen the thought processes. Serrapeptase has been known to clean the blood and reduce inflammation.

Your “CLEAN ME UP” Program is on the move.
Sufficient Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals are no longer available in our food supply; they have been removed by hybridization of our plants and both chemical and mineral depletion of our soils.

Suggest you also use the CGAM Body Charger which deliveres the negative ions into the body.

The CGAM body charger is in stock, call or email for costs and shipping.