Royal Liquid Manna Detox cheap special 8 bottle set

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Royal Liquid Manna Detox cheap special 8 bottle setRoyal Liquid Manna™ – 8 bottles Fred Neal Treated Spring water – Price Special Wholesale to Public – per bottle-16.9 fl. oz. / 500 ml.

if you are considering drinking regular Liquid Manna, you may want to start with Royal Liquid Manna for an intense boost to your oxygen levels. (These increased oxygen levels in your body and can be measured by a $25 oxygen finger sensor sold on Amazon)

Drink one bottle of undiluted Royal Liquid Manna before starting with the regular Liquid Manna.

Royal Liquid Manna is extremely oxygenated, premium spring water created with a proprietary, energetic charging process.Liquid Manna is highly oxygenated, premium spring water created by a proprietary, energetic charging process. 1 bottle is 16.9 fl. oz. / 500 ml.
What is Liquid Manna?  Liquid Manna, an inspired creation of super-oxygenated spring water, delivers extraordinary levels of oxygen to the body for optimum health and vitality. The water itself before activating comes from the Mountain Valley Spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the oxygen comes through the brilliant technology of Fred Neal. 

Upon receiving pallets of spring water from Arkansas, Fred infuses enormous levels of oxygen into each 500ml bottle of water. No other oxygen supplement approaches Liquid Manna in terms of delivered oxygen, and that may even include hyperbaric cambers. There are two levels of Liquid Manna — Regular Liquid Manna and Royal Liquid Manna.

Over 75 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg demonstrated that the underlying cause of all disease, and particularly cancer, is oxygen deficiency. He proved that no pathogen or cellular mutation can survive in an oxygen-rich environment within the body. Until now, delivery of adequate levels of oxygen was expensive and inconvenient or was otherwise not easily accessible. Because Fred presents a whole new oxygen paradigm to the world delivering unprecedented levels of oxygen, there was no existing instrumentation to test his products; thus he had to invent his own meters for testing and developed his own scale for reading oxygen content.

Ingredients: Premium Spring Water

  • Royal Liquid Manna cheap special 8 bottle set

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Ionic Detox Foot Bath foot spasProduct Information

Dual Ionic Foot Bath Spa

  • Includes two Arrays (probes) for detoxing and a carrying case
  • Dual-user system. Includes two earphones, two wrist straps and tube of conductive wrist strap gel
  • System includes built-in MP3 player for use during sessions

This unit comes with 2 arrays, 2 wrist strap,1 power cord, 2 earphones for listening MP3 and 1 instruction. The Detox Aqua Foot Bath Cleanse System is an amazing system with modern methods for detoxifying your entire body. The method of bathing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator is genius! The process is known as electrolysis. The array is the actual ion generator device that is soaked into the water to create the ion charges and flows within that solution. It functions by activating the cells, improving your metabolism and detoxifying all the organs, assisting the body in restoring to health, enhance immunity, prevent pathogens, and ultimately renewing the body and mind. The way Ionization works is a water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. A healthy person should contain 80% negative electrons and 20% positive electrons. In most cases, poor diet and high stress are the main cause as we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products. Some of these waste products can include many acids such as diacetic, pyruvic, lactic, butyric, uric, carbonic, acetic and hepatic acids.

  • Ionic Detox Foot Bath

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Cell Mg Magnesium Bath Salts

where you can get, what you need, when you need it.

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bathsaltsCell Mg Magnesium Bath Salts

The term bath salts refers to a range of water-soluble, usually inorganic solid products designed to be added to a bath, either to improve cleaning, provide a medical improvement, improve the experience of bathing, or serve as a vehicle for cosmetic agents. Bath salts have been developed which mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.

Cell Mag Bath Salts are an easy way to supplement the magnesium through the skin while enjoying a relaxing 20 – 30 minutes of foot soaking experience. You body has an innate intelligence where it will not absorb any more magnesium cell salt than it needs.

History of bath salts

The earliest systematic exposition of the different kinds of salts, its uses, and the methods of its extraction was published in China around 2700 years BCE. Hippocrates encouraged his fellow healers to make use of salt water to heal various ailments by immersing their patients in sea water. The ancient Greeks continued this and in 1753, English author and physician Dr. Charles Russel published “The Uses of Sea Water”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Magnesium and other Foot soaks, foot baths: (Wikipedia)

  • Physiological Helps detoxify the body and ward off viruses. Stimulates natural circulation for improved health.  Helps relieve athlete’s foot, corns, and calluses. Relaxes tense, aching muscles and joints Helps relieve arthritis and rheumatism.  Helps relieve chronic lower back pain
  • Skin Benefits – Draws out impurities in skin. Soothes skin irritations such as psoriasis/eczema Soothes itching, burning and bites. Smoothes and softens skin Encourages skin to renew itself.  Helps scars to heal.  Restores moisture balance to the skin
  • Occupational – Relieves tired, aching feet and leg muscles. Eases tension in hands and wrists.  Helps relieve sports injuries
  • Psycho-physical Provides deep relaxation Helps relieve stress and tension.  Promotes restfulness.  References:   1. ^ Matz, Hagit; Orion, Edith1; Wolf, Ronni1 “Dermatologic Therapy”, Volume 16, Number 2, June 2003 , pp. 132-140(9), Blackwell Publishing

“I bought a rectangular plastic dish pan from Walmart for $2.00, filled it with hot tap water (well water that did not contain any chlorine or fluoride), added 1 tablespoon of the Cell Magnesium Bath Salt which dissolved instantly in the water, and had the most delicious foot soak of my life!” Beatrice Young, Boise, ID

We ship Cell Mag Bath Salt everyday via USPO Priority mail flat rate box and it will arrive in 2 to 3 days anywhere in the USA.

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