Water purification drops Family 7 Pack for Savings

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This product is now called Water Purification Drops.

Many in our community purchase water purification drops for more than just themselves. Many give a bottle to their friends and family members. You can keep a bottle in your emergency kit, camping supplies, travel kits, even in your RV.  MMS = much more savings.

7 bottles of Water Purification Drops - family pack

7 bottles of Water Purification Drops – family pack

Water purification drops  makes a great disinfectant and antibacterial spray for the kitchen and bathroom. Purify your pet dishes for better health and control of parasites. Spritz your fruits and vegetables to kill any bacteria or microscopic parasites. There are many uses for this low-cost but effective product.

There are seven (7) of the water purification drops 4 ounce bottles in the Family Pack.   (Do you need the acidic food activator such as citric acid?  You may want to choose the http://mms.reikiranch.net/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=57 kit, but with activators added.)  The bottles now come in a beautiful green oval bottle for easy packing and shipping. Buy 14 bottles (7 sets) for only $125.00.  You save $50!

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