Clean Me Up Program by CGAM

CGAM – Silver Water Products – The Clean Me Up Program
Sufficient Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals are no longer available in our food supply; they have been removed by hybridization of our plants and both chemical and mineral depletion of our soils. What can our bodies do but get sick without enough nutrients available?

See below where you can find the proof that diseases are caused by parasites in VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY  by William J. Foreyt

Clean Me Up Program Products by CGAM

Clean Me Up Program Products by CGAM

To remove parasites from the body we need to cleanse the blood and the bowel with: Silverwater, Enzymes, Colloidal Minerals, Greens, Dulse, enzymes, also look at : Serrapeptase, and Vermox (dewormer).

Instructions for Clean me up Program

The following ”CLEAN ME UP PROGRAM”  has proven to be the best protocol for cleansing and removing  parasites from the blood and bowel:
1)    Take 6 drops of Lugol`s Iodine in 3 oz of regular water – first thing in the morning. You have to be able to eat shellfish (ie not be iodine allergic!)

2)    After 15 – 20 min put 6-8 oz of Silver Water into a blender.
3)    Add 2 heaping tablespoonfuls of Silver Water Stabilized Greens (Phyto Food) to it.
4)    Take 8-10 capsules of Ultrazyme Plus (enzymes)– open them up and sprinkle them unto the smoothie.
5)    Add ¼ level teaspoon of Serrapeptase to the mix.
6)    Blend it all up and drink – At your own convenience (just for taste and texture) add any fruit or vegetable juice to it – If you add orange juice you might want to switch out the Silver Water and drink it by itself.
7)    Add 1 Tablespoon of Coconut milk powder to make it a delicious smoothie.
8)    Dulse is salty in taste (1 teaspoon per day) – you can add it to the smoothie – or eat it sprinkled over a salad or soup – experiment with it.
The Ultrazyme Plus, which de-worms the blood and tissue, is a combination of Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals. Silver Water has been known to kill bacteria, viruses as well as ameba found in the feces of the parasites which live in the blood and bowel. Silver Water Greens (Phyto Food) and Dulse (seaweed) are incredible rebuilders of the blood and tissue, and help sharpen the thought processes. Serrapeptase has been known to clean the blood and reduce inflammation.  Your “CLEAN ME UP” Program is on the move.
CGMA – Silver Water Products – The Clean Me Up Program
Sufficient Enzymes and Colloidal Minerals are no longer available in our food supply; they have been removed by hybridization of our plants and both chemical and mineral depletion of our soils.

9)    To Deworm with Vermox: After 30 days of the above mentioned protocol- people have reported great results by taking Vermox (active ingredient Mebendazol).

You will need to purchase 4 kits, which contain 6 of 100 mg tablets per packet totaling 24 tablets)  they have a package of 30 tablets for about $15.00 – or go on the web and look for vermox – generic – 24 tablets – remember you are the END user.
Take 1 tablet in the morning and evening for 3 days, then wait 10 days. Repeat this procedure for a second round and then wait again for 10 days. The final 12 Vermox tablets are taken as follows:  2 tablets morning and evening for 3 days (your third round) – after this you should be good for 6-12 months.

*you can find the proof that diseases are caused by parasites in
** order the book by calling 1-800-862-6657 or by visiting the website @           ISBN # 9780813824192
***There are so many diseases disabling adults and children alike, caused by parasites that it is not practical to list them all, but I would like to say that our future seems to be severely threatened realizing that:

I salute you in your journey to the FABULOUS ENERGY
that this GOOD HEALTH protocol brings!

1.    ULTRAZYME PLUS: 1 BOTTLE                               $63.00

2.    SILVER WATER:   1 – 256 fl. Oz [2-gal jugs ]             $110.00        (Shipping estimated $30 in the USA)

4.   DULSE  SEAWEED: 1 – 1 LB CONTAINER                   – $55.00

TOTAL COST OF 30 day “CLEAN ME UP” KIT———–  May depend on shipping it to your address,
5.    Add: LUGOL’S IODINE: 1 – 1 oz bottle of Lugol`s Iodine 2% solution                            =        $  20.00
The role of iodine in human nutrition and disease prevention is well established.
6.    Add: SERRAPEPTASE:  1 –  7 oz jar of proprietary blend of Silverwater Greens  and Serrapeptase     =        $  55.00 each bottle

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2 Qts of Silver Water

The Clean Me Up program is better used with the CGAM Body Charger

You sit in a chair with your feet on the metal screen. Or you can use the optional silver cloth to pass the negative ions into your body. Call for pricing on the machines for charging the body with negative ions.


Why Do We Need Negative Ions for Health?

The ultimate Negative Ion Generator — The CGAM BODY Negative Ion CHARGER. 1000x THE POWER OF ANY KNOWN WATER FALL


“Remember that feeling you’ve experienced near a waterfall or high in the mountains? It id because of charginh the body. Those are two places that thousands of negative ions occur. They create an effect on human biochemistry.”

According to the experts, positive ions rob us of our good senses and dispositions, while their stimulating everything from plant growth to the human sex drive.

You feel fresh at a waterfall! Being on the Body Charges is like standing near a large water fall!

Research Shows that Negions (negative ions) Help Depression & Mood
Negative ions also have been shown to help lift mood, alleviate depression and seasonal affective disorder (winter depression or SAD).

There is even a patent by a prominent

researcher and institution for the treatment of depression with negative ions.
Besides helping with depression studies have shown that negative ions can also help

Dust allergies
Pollen (grass, weed and tree pollen) allergies
Dust mites allergies
Smoke elimination
Animal dander allergy
Mold spores
Hay fever
Air purification
SAD – Seasonal affective disorder
Chronic fatigue
Odor reduction – cooking / smoking in house

NOTE: make negative ions — The  Body Charging device is not a Rife Frequency Generator nor bares any relationship to Doctor Rife’s Technology and therefore it does not produce any Rife Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR’s) that are also commonly referred to as frequencies. There is often confusion when the term “frequencies” are mentioned regarding the Body Charger’s user¿s manual. When the  Body Charging was first introduced there appeared some relationship with the displayed numbers on the Body Charger’s display and the Rife Frequency (MOR’s). (Such as a Psychotronic or Radionic projection).

Higher voltage makes your hair stand on end. However we are now experiencing enhanced healings in the higher voltage/pressure bands. Not all “subjects” can initially tolerate the higher settings due to an uneasy feeling rendered from the high voltage static field.

Many will first need to acclimate themselves from the lower numbers to the higher numbers. The Body Charger utilizes “State of the Art” Medical and Aero-Space components to produce a low level direct current variable high voltage static source of negatively charged ions which flood the body/object with super charged negative ions that eradicate free radicals, and a broad range of viral, bacterial, Mico-parasitic and fugal pathogenic invaders. Instead, the Body Charger is like having a variable number (up to 18,000 batteries) of Duracell batteries all connected in a SERIES configuration where you would have a constant flow of D.C. (direct current). There are no frequencies involved. With the body charger, going back to the battery analogy, the cap of a battery is the grounding activity while the negative output at the bottom of the battery, is used to charge the body with trillions of negatively charged Ions in the form of static electricity.Negative ions make you feel good.

The CGAM Body Charges is a phenomenal spiritual healing tool designed for use by Licensed Spiritual Healers and Home Users alike.

By imparting negative ions to the body by the millions, they attach and permeate the body at a cellular level to attract positive ions, which are known to be attractors to disease and illness.

The negative ions increase the strength and health of the body’s electric field which increases Serotonin, the feel good hormone the body makes which improves overall mood, imparts a sense of calm and peace and reduces stress reactions allowing you to enjoy a higher quality of life as your body heals itself naturally.

Below is a Molecular Enhancer type of device for body charging:

Using the body charger with a bulb
Using the molecular enhancer body charger with a bulb
The Moledular Enhancer Transformer type w/bulb
The Moledular Enhancer Transformer type w/bulb